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Sallah Jummah

Sallah Jummah

  1. The second Sallah Jummah after the lockdown restrictions were lifted by His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo,the president of Ghana went down at Zango Tuta Mosque in Abossey Okai Zango in the greater Accra region. Speaking with one of the authority of the mosque about the second Sallah Jummah been obsessed at their mosque after the lockdown restrictions he remarks:

“We observe this Friday prayers per the directives given by the president of Ghana,100 people can gather but with a social distancing of at least two meters between them. We did our best and inside the mosque this protocol was very much observed,the only problem we had was outside the mosque,as those placed on guard duty to make sure people adhere to the social distancing rule find it difficult to implement but we will get better with time. Other protocols such as hand sanitizers were available, pipes with running waters good to go for those to perform ablution if the need be as the committee prefer people to perform their ablutions at home, wearing of nose masks was mandatory for all. People found this to be a different experience all together in their lives praying with a distance between them,with their noses covered but we should remember nothing lasts and as Muslims our religion is based on following rules laid by Islam and that of those in authority.i.e.the president of Ghana. Jummah Mubarak to all Muslims around the world”

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