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ROKU Certification and developer support

ROKU Certification and developer support


ROKU Certification and developer support services in the COVID-19 Dear Developer, We hope that you are safe and well, and remain so in these challenging times of the world’s response to COVID-19.

ROKU Certification and developer support

In the current environment, things are changing rapidly for all businesses, everywhere. While we are operating at a normal pace and capacity today, we are also making plans to ensure that our business continues to run smoothly as circumstances evolve. We also want to help your streaming business continue to run smoothly. In times like these, viewers rely on streaming as a source for their news and for quality entertainment to help distract them from stressors in their life elsewhere. We are committed to maintaining content flow to viewers, in part by continuing to provide timely certification and channel-support services to you. To expedite the fulfillment of that commitment, you can follow these tips for getting the fastest possible service from us:

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  • When submitting new or updated channels for publication, please include detailed release notes. This will allow us to concentrate on running the most relevant tests during our certification efforts.
  • Before submitting channels, please be sure to use the Roku Static Analysis Tool, and to address any problems or improvement opportunities that it identifies.

Looking ahead, we will make every effort to maintain a high level of service to developers, as best we can. In the event that we must make changes to our developer services, we will of course alert you as soon as possible.

You are always welcome to contact Partner Success if you have any follow-up questions regarding certification or publishing.

Thank you for participating in the Roku developer community.

Happy streaming, and be well.

ROKU Certification and developer support

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