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Ritual Wealth


Mohammed Awal was a man who hailed from a very poor family and who lacked patience to wait for his God’s given wealth, but attended to a certain fetish priest who ordered that his mother’s blood should be used for the ritual sacrifice.

Mohammed Awal upon hearing that never felt relaxed, but went ahead to deceived his mother who had been sick for the past two years, telling her that he has found a certain fetish priest who could cure her of all sicknesses and make her more healthy than she had been before she had her sickness, his mother ignorantly agreed and he sent her to the priest during midnight when nobody was awake.

When they reached the priest’s hurt which was in a certain forest very far away from the community in which they lived, Mohammed Awal spoke to the priest in a sign language telling him that has brought his mother for the ritual sacrifice.

The priest nodded his head and asked the old woman to stay inside the hurt and wait for them and which the old woman did, and they went out, then the priest gave a knife to Mohammad awal and told him that he should go into the hurt and behead his old, sick and weak mother, Mohammed Awal did exactly that.

When he was done slaughtering his mother, the priest came in and they took her body, and suspended it upside down towards the idol such that blood from the body flows down unto to the idol.

After this was done, Mohammed Awal was assured endless wealth after three days.

After a successful ritual sacrifice, Mohammed Awal had reached home and his siblings together with other family members were gathered all around in the house wondering where the old woman had been.

Mohammed Awal pretended not to know her whereabouts and even sheared tears of gratitude, and it all looked as if he was worried about his mother’s disappearance,then he joined his family members to search every where for his mother, but she was nowhere to be found.


Three days after the sacrifice, Mohammed Awal slept and woke up with money and gold and a lot of asserts scattered all around his room to the extent he could not find any space in his room.

He gathered everything and hid them till his mother’s funeral was over, then he started to enjoy his wealth, and this was done in order to shield him from suspicion on his mother’s disappearance.

Mohammed Awal now the billionaire spends his money on unnecessary things without letting his family have a feel of his wealth, not even his wife and children, and that was a vow he made with the priest.

Despite the fact that his family had been restricted from enjoying his wealth,he was always spending on girls, dashing cars and motor bikes to girls he had slept with.

Another thing he never took as part him was that,he never showed mercy to people who needed help from him, and had always insulted any beggar who came his way.

And also threatened his wife and children, which caused them turned into beggars. He also never respected any elderly person for there is a saying that

“money is power”.

A time came, and he failed to do a bloody sacrifice which was a vow from the shrine, that he should make a human sacrifice to the shrine every two years in order to sustain his wealth.

His failure to perform the sacrifice provoked the gods and he was now turned mad, this made him revealed the secret behind his wealth and in a few months he passed on, and on that same day, servants from the shrine and the fetish priest came to his house and went straight to his room without anyone showing them the room.

Infact, they did that without speaking to anyone in the house, and nobody also altered a word tothem, because they knew the secret behind his wealth.

After all the the happenings in the house, there was a lot of confusion over who should touch him, because he had done what is being “frown on” the most by society.

Finally they forgot about all the confusions, for confusions could not solve the case, so they burried him, but there was no funeral rites for him due to his heartlessness.


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