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Rarara 2021



Nigerian musician Dauda Kahutu, popularly known as Rarara, has recently released a new album in 2021. The album, which is titled “Rarara 2021” is a compilation of 10 tracks that blend traditional Nigerian music with modern pop sounds. The album features hit songs like “Rarara” and “Door to Door” which have quickly become fan favorites.

For fans looking to download the “Rarara 2021” album, it is available for purchase on popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. Additionally, you can find the “Dauda Kahutu Rarara mp3 download” on various websites, which allow you to download individual tracks from the album.

Sabuwar Wakar Rarara

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Rarara See me see me

7.24 MB 225 downloads

Rarara NNPP

3.79 MB 232 downloads

Rarara Kwai cikin kaya

10.61 MB 161 downloads

Rarara Inda Rabbana Mp3 Download

4.00 KB 201 downloads

Rarara Hankaka

4.00 KB 197 downloads

Rarara Barka da Sallah

5.22 MB 64 downloads

If you’re a fan of Nigerian music, don’t miss out on this incredible new album from Rarara. Download it today and experience the blend of traditional and modern sounds that only he can deliver.