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List of 13 Best Princess of Nigeria

  1. Kofoworola Ademola, Princess of Nigeria Lady Ademola MBE, MFR, OFR was a Nigerian educationist who was the first president of the National Council of Women Societies in Nigeria and was the head of the women’s organization from 1958 to 1964. She was the first black African woman to earn a degree from Oxford University, studying at St Hugh’s College, and also an author of children’s books.
  2. Omo-Oba Adenrele Ademola, Princess of Nigeria Adenrele Ademola or Omo-Oba Adenrele Ademola was a Nigerian princess and nurse. She trained as a nurse in London in the 1930s, and remained working there through World War II. She was the subject of a film, Nurse Ademola, made by the Colonial Film Unit and now considered lost.
  3. Felicia Adeyoyin Princess of Nigeria Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin (6 November 1938 – 1 May 2021) was a University of Lagos professor and a princess from the Iji ruling house of SakiOyo State. She was the author of the Nigerian national pledge
  4. Moremi Ajasoro Princess of Nigeria Moremi Ajasoro (YorubaMọ́remí Àjàsorò) was a legendary Yoruba queen and folk heroine in the Yorubaland region of present-day southwestern Nigeria who is fabled to have assisted in the liberation of the Yoruba kingdom of Ife from the neighbouring Ugbo Kingdom.[1]Moremi was married to Oranmiyan, the son of Oduduwa, the first king of Ife
  5. Tejumade Alakija Princess of Nigeria Tejumade Alakija (17 May 1925 – August, 2013) was a Nigerian civil servant who rose to be the first female head of Oyo State‘s civil service
  6. Amina Amina (also Aminatu; died 1610) was a Hausa Muslim[1] a historical figure in the city-state Zazzau (present-day city of Zaria in Kaduna State), in what is now in the north-west region of Nigeria.[2] She might have ruled in the mid-sixteenth century. A controversial figure whose existence has been questioned by some historians, her real biography has been somewhat obscured by subsequent legends and folk tales.
  7. Nana Asmaʼu Nana Asmaʼu Princess of Nigeria (full name: Nana Asmaʼu bint Shehu Usman dan FodiyoArabicنانا أسماء بنت عثمان فودي‎; 1793–1864) was a Fula princesspoetteacher, and a daughter of the founder of the Sokoto CaliphateUsman dan Fodio. She remains a revered figure in northern Nigeria. She is held up by some as an example of education and independence of women possible under Islam, and by others as a precursor to modern feminism in Africa.
  8. Sara Forbes Bonetta Sara Forbes Bonetta, (born Omoba Aina; 1843 – 15 August 1880),[1] was a princess of the Egbado clan of the Yoruba people in West Africa who was orphaned during a war with the nearby Kingdom of Dahomey as a child, and later became enslaved to King Ghezo of Dahomey. In a remarkable twist of events, she was liberated from slavery by Captain Frederick E. Forbes of the British Royal Navy and became a goddaughter to Queen Victoria. She was married to Captain James Pinson Labulo Davies, a wealthy Lagos philanthropist.
  9. Abiola Dosunmu, Chief Abiola Dosunmu (formerly Dosunmu-Elegbede-Fernandez, born July 29, 1947), is a Nigerian businesswoman, socialite and traditional aristocrat. In addition to a variety of other chieftaincy titles, she currently holds that of the Erelu Kuti IV of Lagos.
  10. Fifi Ejindu, Princess Fifi Ekanem Ejindu is a Nigerian architect, businesswoman and philanthropist. Born in IbadanNigeria, she is the great granddaughter of King James Ekpo Bassey of Cobham Town in CalabarNigeria, and her father, Professor Sylvester Joseph Una, is from UyoAkwa Ibom State.
  11. Charlotte Obasa Princess of Nigeria Charlotte Olajumoke Obasa (née Blaize, January 7, 1874 – December 23, 1953) was a Nigerian socialite and philanthropist. She was the daughter of the merchant R.B. Blaize and the wife of the physician Orisadipe Obasa.
  12. Princess Elizabeth Olowu Princess Elizabeth Olowu (born 8 August 1945) is a Nigerian sculptor and the daughter of Oba Akenzua II, who was a leader of the Edo people in what is now Benin City, Nigeria. Olowu works in bronze, a traditional material for her people (see Benin Bronzes), and is known as the first female bronze caster in Nigeria. Her sculptures have a traditional flow as well as a freshening modern and feminist perspective.[1] She is the aunt of DJ P Tee Money (born Thompson Iyamu), and her daughter is the artist Peju Layiwola
  13. Roseline Osipitan Oloori Roseline Omolara Osipitan is a Nigerian business executive and Yoruba princess. She serves as the president and chairperson of Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria’s Women Association and is the founder of First Royal Oil and Gas. She holds the chieftaincy title of the Yeye Oba of the Itori Kingdom.

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