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Prepositions in Hausa to English



Prepositions in Hausa

Prepositions in Hausa and English. Welcome to, your gateway to the world of language and culture. In this section, we dive into the fascinating realm of prepositions, those tiny yet crucial words that connect ideas and relationships in language.

Prepositions in Hausa
Prepositions in Hausa to English 82

Prepositions in Hausa and English

Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a Hausa learner, or just curious about linguistic intricacies, our exploration of prepositions in both Hausa and English will provide you with valuable insights and a deeper understanding of how these languages work. Join us on this linguistic journey to unlock the secrets of prepositions and their role in shaping our communication.

Let’s embark on this captivating exploration together, bridging the gap between Hausa and English, word by word.

Aboarda cikin jirgi
Aboutgame da
Abovea sama
Behinda baya
Concerninggame da
Despiteduk da
Exceptsai dai
Excludingban da
Oppositeakasin haka
Overa kan
Regardinggame da
Throughta hanyar
Towardzuwa ga
Untilhar zuwa
Withoutba tare da
find the prepositional phrasenemo jumlar magana
spanish prepositions practiceSpanish prepositions yi
prepositions in englishprepositions a cikin Turanci
english exercises prepositionsturanci motsa jiki prepositions
english preposition practiceTuranci preposition yi
spanish prepositionsSpanish prepositions
find the prepositional phrases in the following sentencesnemo jimlolin gabaɗaya a cikin jimloli masu zuwa
english prepositions listTuranci prepositions list
deutsch prepositionsDeutsch prepositions
german prepositionjigon Jamusanci
for prepositiondomin preposition
preposition to and forpreposition zuwa kuma ga
over prepositionfiye da preposition
prepositional phrasejimlar magana
preposition definitionma’anar preposition
preposition and prepositional phrasepreposition and prepositional phrase
preposition examplespreposition misalai
preposition meaningpreposition ma’ana
preposition and examplepreposition da misali
preposition and meaningpreposition da ma’ana
preposition on meaningpreposition a kan ma’ana
preposition samplesamfurin preposition
prepositional phrase examplesmisalan jumlar magana
list of prepositionsjerin prepositions
preposition definition and examplesMa’anar preposition da misalai
prepositions exercisesprepositions motsa jiki
prepositions of place exercisesprepositions na wurin motsa jiki
dangling prepositiondangling preposition
prepositions of time exercisesprepositions na lokaci motsa jiki
prepositional phrase definitionma’anar magana ta gaba
preposition practiceaikin preposition
prepositions of placeprepositions na wuri
prepositions of directionprepositions na shugabanci
use of prepositions with examplesamfani da prepositions tare da misalai
preposition grammarnahawu preposition
identifying prepositional phrasesgano jimlolin prepositional
on meaning prepositionakan ma’ana preposition
use of prepositionamfani da preposition
prepositional phrase meaningma’anar magana ta gaba
teaching prepositionskoyarwa prepositions
preposition wordspreposition kalmomi
prepositional phrases exercisesprepositional phrases motsa jiki
into prepositioncikin preposition
prepositions in english grammarprepositions a cikin harshen Turanci nahawu
types of prepositionsiri prepositions
find the prepositionsami preposition
10 examples of prepositionMisalai 10 na gabatarwa
10 examples of preposition sentencesMisalai 10 na jumlolin da aka gabatar
10 examples of prepositional phrasesMisalai 10 na jimlolin gabaɗaya
10 preposition10 preposition
10 preposition examplesMisalai 10 na gabatarwa
10 preposition sentenceJumla magana 10
10 preposition wordsKalmomin gabatarwa guda 10
10 prepositional phrases10 prepositional phrases
10 prepositions sentences with picturesJumloli 10 da aka gabatar da hotuna
10 sentences using prepositionJumloli 10 ta amfani da preposition
10 types of prepositions with examplesNau’o’in gabatarwa guda 10 tare da misalai
100 examples of prepositionMisalai 100 na gabatarwa
100 preposition100 preposition
100 prepositions sentences100 prepositions jimloli
100 prepositions wordsKalmomin gabatarwa 100
15 preposition15 gabatarwa
150 preposition listJerin gabatarwa 150
150 prepositions150 prepositions
17 prepositions in arabic17 prepositions a cikin larabci
2 prepositions2 gabatarwa
20 examples of prepositionMisalai 20 na gabatarwa
20 examples of preposition in a sentenceMisalai 20 na gabatarwa a cikin jumla
20 examples of preposition of timeMisalai 20 na preposition na lokaci
20 preposition20 preposition
20 preposition sentencesJumloli 20 na gabatarwa
20 preposition wordsKalmomin gabatarwa guda 20
20 sentence of prepositionJumla 20 na gabatarwa
25 prepositions25 gabatarwa
3 examples of prepositionMisalai 3 na gabatarwa
3 prepositions3 gabatarwa
3 types of preposition3 nau’i na preposition
30 examples of prepositionMisalai 30 na gabatarwa
30 preposition30 preposition
40 prepositions40 gabatarwa
5 examples of prepositionMisalai 5 na gabatarwa
5 examples of preposition sentencesMisalai 5 na jumlolin da aka gabatar
5 preposition5 gabatarwa
5 prepositions sentences5 prepositions jimloli
5 sentences using prepositionsJumloli 5 ta amfani da prepositions
50 examples of prepositionMisalai 50 na gabatarwa
50 preposition50 preposition
50 prepositions sentences50 prepositions jimloli
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a is a prepositiona preposition
a prepositiona preposition
a prepositional phrasejumlar magana
a sentence with prepositionjimla tare da preposition
a to z preposition lista zuwa z jerin abubuwan da aka gabatar
about a prepositiongame da preposition
about as prepositiongame da matsayin preposition
about is prepositiongame da shi ne preposition
about preposition in englishgame da preposition a cikin turanci
about preposition sentence examplesgame da misalan jumlar magana
about sentence prepositiongame da jigon jumla
above prepositionsama preposition
above preposition examplessama da misalan tsinkaya
above preposition sentence examplessama da misalan jumlar magana
above sentence prepositionsama da jumlar magana
according to preposition examplesbisa ga misalan preposition
accusative and dative prepositions germanm da kuma dative prepositions Jamus
accusative prepositions german exercisesm prepositions Jamus motsa jiki
across prepositionfadin preposition
across preposition examplesa fadin misalan preposition
across preposition meaningfadin ma’anar preposition
across preposition sentence examplesa cikin misalan jimla na gaba
across sentence prepositionfadin jigon jumla
adjectival prepositional phrasejimlar prepositional magana
adjectival prepositional phrase examplesmisalan jumlar magana ta adjectival
adjective and prepositionsifa da preposition
adjective and preposition examplesmisalan siffa da fage
adjective and preposition exercisesadjective da preposition exercises
adjective phrases exercisessifa phrases motsa jiki
adjective plus prepositionadjective plus preposition
adjective prepositionsifa preposition
adjective preposition examplessifa preposition misalai
adjective preposition exercisesadjective preposition exercises
adjective preposition listsifa preposition list
adjective preposition nounadjective preposition noun
adjective preposition sentencessifa preposition sentences
adjectives and dependent prepositionsadjectives da prepositions masu dogara
adjectives and prepositions exercisesadjectives da prepositions motsa jiki
advance prepositiongaba preposition
advanced preposition exercisesdarussan preposition na gaba
adverbial prepositional phrasemagana prepositional adverbial
adverbial prepositional phrase examplesmisalan jumlar magana na magana
adverbs and prepositionsmaganganu da prepositions
adverbs and prepositions examplesadverbs da prepositions misalai
advice prepositionshawara preposition
after a prepositionbayan preposition
after preposition examplesbayan preposition misalai
after sentence prepositionbayan jumlar magana
against prepositiona kan preposition
against preposition examplesa kan misalan preposition
against preposition of placea kan preposition na wuri
against preposition sentence examplesa kan misalan jumlar magana
against sentence prepositiona kan jigon jumla
agenda web prepositionsajandar yanar gizo prepositions
all about prepositionduk game da preposition
all english prepositionsduk prepositions na turanci
all examples of prepositionduk misalan preposition
all french prepositionsduk prepositions na Faransanci
all german prepositionsduk prepositions na Jamus
all is a prepositionduk preposition ne
all preposition examplesduk misalan preposition
all preposition wordduk kalmar preposition
all prepositional phrasesduk jimlolin prepositional
all prepositions listduk jerin prepositions
all prepositions of placeduk prepositions na wuri
all prepositions of timeduk prepositions na lokaci
all types of prepositionkowane nau’i na preposition
all types of prepositionskowane nau’in prepositions
along prepositiontare da preposition
along preposition examplestare da misalan preposition
along with preposition examplestare da misalan preposition
alphabetical list of prepositionsjerin haruffa na prepositions
also prepositionkuma preposition
among prepositiontsakanin preposition
among preposition examplesa cikin misalan preposition
among preposition sentence examplesa cikin misalan jimla na gaba
an prepositionwani preposition
ancient greek prepositionstsohuwar Girkanci prepositions
and a prepositionda preposition
and is prepositionkuma shine preposition
ano ang prepositionwani preposition
apart prepositionban da preposition
appositives and appositive phrasesabubuwan ban sha’awa da maganganu masu ban sha’awa
appositives and appositive phrases practiceapositives da appositive phrases yi
arabic prepositionlarabci preposition
arabic prepositions listlissafin larabci prepositions
around prepositionkewaye preposition
around preposition exampleskusa da misalan preposition
around preposition sentence examplesa kusa da misalan jumlar magana
around sentence prepositiona kusa da jigon jumla
articles and prepositionarticles da preposition
articles and preposition examplearticles da preposition misali
articles and prepositions exercisesarticles da prepositions motsa jiki
articles and prepositions listlabarai da prepositions jerin
articles conjunctions and prepositionsarticles conjuntions da prepositions
articles prepositionsabubuwan prepositions
articles prepositions and conjunctionslabarin prepositions da haɗin gwiwa
as a prepositiona matsayin preposition
assist prepositiontaimaka preposition
assistance prepositiontaimako preposition
at and in prepositiona kuma a cikin preposition
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