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Please sentences in Hausa to English



Please sentences in Hausa

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Please sentences in Hausa
Please sentences in Hausa to English 82

Please sentences in Hausa and English

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Please be seated
don Allah a zauna

Please call me
don Allah a kira ni

Please call the police
don Allah a kira ‘yan sanda

Please choose one person
don Allah a zaɓi mutum ɗaya

Please clean the board
don Allah a tsaftace allon

Please close the door
don Allah a rufe kofar

Please come back
don Allah a dawo

Please come back to home
don Allah a dawo gida

Please come in
don Allah ku shigo

Please come to see me
don Allah ku zo ku ganni

Please do something about it
don Allah a yi wani abu game da shi

Please do that again
don Allah a sake yin hakan

Please don’t get up
don Allah kar a tashi

Please give me
don Allah a ba ni

Please give me a cup of coffee
don Allah a ba ni kofi kofi

Please give me your hand
don Allah ka ba ni hannunka

Please go to the school
don Allah ku tafi makaranta

Please have a seat
don Allah a sami wurin zama

Please keep in touch
don Allah a ci gaba da tuntuɓar

Please keep this secret
don Allah a rufa mana asiri

Please prepare for the trip
don Allah a shirya don tafiya

Please say hello to her
don Allah a gaishe ta

Please say something
don Allah a ce wani abu

Please send it to me
don Allah a aiko min

Please send me a letter as soon as you arrive
don Allah a aiko mani da takarda da zarar kun isa

Please show me another one
Don Allah nuna man wani kuma

Please sit here and wait
don Allah a zauna a nan ku jira

Please speak more slowly
Don Allah dada yi magana da hankali

Please stay as long as you wish
don Allah ku tsaya gwargwadon yadda kuke so

Please take this seat
don Allah ku hau wannan kujera

Please think about it
don Allah a yi tunani game da shi

Please wait around for a while
da fatan za a jira na ɗan lokaci

Please write down what he says
don Allah a rubuta abin da ya ce
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