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Photos of Zarah Nasir Bayero

Photos of Zarah Nasir Bayero


Photos of Zarah Nasir Bayero were published without her permission, according to the commission. BBC Hausa News Today now available on Hausa.Info African’s No. #1 Hausa Language Information Website. Keep pace with all the bbc hausa .com Subscribe Follow our live updates 24/7.

Photos of Zarah Nasir Bayero

The Hisbah Commission of Kano State, in northern Nigeria, has asked publishers not to print photos of the Emir of Bichi’s daughter, Zarah Nasiru Ado Bayero, who would marry Yusuf President Buhari’s son, “because it is against Islamic law.”

Photos of Zarah Nasir Bayero

The commission’s job, according to Hisbah Commander Harun Muhammad Ibn-Sina, is to avoid the spread of corruption, even if it has already occurred, rather than to “expose and punish a person.”

Thousands of comments flooded social media in the last three days when photographs of the bride Zarah wearing a lengthy gown appeared on the site. Photos of Zarah Nasir Bayero

There is no plaque on the Queen of the Bichi Kingdom in Kano in the unseen images with the groom, and the top of her dress is the same color as her skin.

According to sources, the images were taken this week at an exclusive women’s festival in Abuja.

That is why Hisbah has been urged to act by social media users, with the commission’s name becoming one of the most discussed subjects in Nigerian media from Wednesday to Friday.

The publication of the Photos of Zarah Nasir Bayero “against Islamic law,” according to the Kano Hisbah Commission, which is known for its commitment to Islamic law.

In an interview with reporters, Hisbah Commander Harun Muhammad Ibn-Sina stated that the commission’s purpose was to prevent the spread of violence, not to uncover and prosecute the perpetrators.

“The practice of releasing wedding photographs is without a doubt in violation of Islamic law. It can be done publicly or in secret… but those who propagate it are showing it to those who were unaware it had been done.

“If this image was created on purpose, those who created it should fear God and not distribute it again.

Photos of Zarah Nasir Bayero

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