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PEACE TO THE WORLD Against Covid-19

PEACE TO THE WORLD Against Covid-19


PEACE TO THE WORLD Against Covid-19 T4H CO-CREATION FOR A BRIGHTER WORLD continues wherever I am located in the world. Our legendary AFRICAN SOUL POET #Mwintombo and our GRAND LITTLE ANGEL Muhasinat are co-creating a new piece;

PEACE TO THE WORLD Against Covid-19

I just received the sample recording while the video is still in the making….

I can tell you in advance: Pobee Mwintombo definitely brings the Covid-19 treath down on it’s knees with the power of his unique deep voice, an uplifting message and high vibrational instrumentals. But then Muhasinat….oi….she kills the virus. I fell in love with her the moment I met her. So gifted, so pure, so much LIGHT!

Release of recording and video is expected in a few days via page Pobee Mwintombo.

#literaticreations – Awakening Generations
#talents4humanity – The Power of Connection

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Prudential Life Insurance Ghana to protect customers response to COVID-19.

In response to the unprecedented situation with corona virus (COVID-19), Prudential Life Insurance Ghana is announcing a series of measures aimed at providing our customers with additional peace of mind and assurance that we will continue to provide the service they have come to expect from us, even with a lockdown
Across the continent, where Prudential has a presence, we are:

  • Providing customers, staff and agents with a range of additional COVID-19 insurance cover at no cost to themselves
  • Waiving ‘pandemic’ exclusions written into policy language
  • Waiving waiting period on all policies if death is by COVID -19
  • Simplifying claims procedures and enabling claims to be made via WhatsApp
  • Setting up dedicated claims teams
  • Enabling customers to buy insurance without the need to meet face to face with an agent
  • Providing additional training and incentives to our agents to continue to provide advice and access to insurance at this time
  • All of Prudential Life Insurance Ghana’s offices will be closed to the public for the duration of the lockdown. However, we recommend that all our customers use our remote/digital self-service channels itemized below:


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