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Paint net how to remove background


Remove Image Background in Paint.NET

Learn how to replace the background image with Paint.NET.
The point is that we make the selection in the area that we want to remove it using a selection tool, then we remove it using the Delete key keyboard, leaving a transparent background.
Open a new background picture.
Copy the main photo by choosing Edit> Select All then Edit> Paste Into New Layer.
In this tutorial, we will use the magic wand selection tool and eraser tool.

Video: How To Remove Image Background in Paint.NET.

Watch the video for detailed instructions and use the written steps for quick reference. If you enjoyed this video, I highly encourage you to subscribe to my Youtube channel – PhotoEffect.

1. Open the Photo.
Select menu File> Open, select your photo and then click the Open button.
You can duplicate the layer by choosing Layers> Duplicate Layer, then uncheck the visibility option.
For this Paint.NET tutorial, I’ll use these images, mount-edgcumbe-house-419653 and girl-5478363, that I downloaded from Pixabay.

Open the photo in Paint.NET.

2. Select the Magic Wand Tool.
Click the icon Magic Wand, then on the options bar please set the Add (union), Flood Mode Contiguous, Sampling Layer, Antialiased Unmatched quality, and tolerance fill 50%.

Select the magic wand tool.

Option bar’s magic wand.

3. Make Selection On Background.
Click the mouse on the background area.
Make sure the selection is formed on the background image, not in the main area of your photo.
Please set the tolerance on the options bar.
For example photo, I will change the tolerance to 31%.
Adjust this tolerance depends on your photo.

Make a selection in the background.

4. Remove Selection Area.
Press the Delete key on the keyboard to delete the selection area.
Click back the magic wand tool in other areas remaining background.

Remove the selection area.

5. Clean Using the Eraser Tool.
Click the Eraser Tool icon.
For hardness, you can fill it with 75% or 100%.
Set the brush size using the keyboard keys open parenthesis [to decrease, and the closing parenthesis] to increase the brush.

Clean the rest using the eraser tool.

6. Open the Photo for Background.
Now it is time to replace the background.
Select menu File> Open, choose your background picture and then click the Open button.

Open the photo background.

7. Copy the photos Background.
Choose Edit menu> Select All then Edit> Copy. 
Click on the main project and then select Edit> Paste Into New Layer. 
Set the size to match the size of the main project layer by using the Enter key mouse. 
Move down this layer to the bottom of the background layer.

Copy the background photo.

8. Adjust the size of the Main Object.
Click on the main photo layer and then adjust its size by choosing Layers menu> Rotate / Zoom.
Please sliding-Zoom slider and then click the OK button.
Slide the main object position using the Move Tool.

Set using the Zoom Rotate.

9. Save As The File Format PNG or PDN.
Save the result by choosing File> Save As, enter the name of the file that you want, in the Save as type drop-down, select PNG or PDN.
Click the Save button.
Here is the result:

Tutorial Changing the background in Paint.NET.

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This is a PhotoEffect tutorial, and I have just shown you how to Remove Image Background in Paint.NET. If you have any questions or comments regarding this tutorial, just add them to the section below. Thank you.
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