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PACU FISH with human like teeth

PACU FISH with human like teeth


A PACU FISH (pronounced PA-KU in Portuguese), with human like teeth is causing anguish amongst fishermen in a village around Mañaus, Brazil.
.PACU FISH with human like teeth

Pacu, a fresh water fish found in the south Pacific & South America enjoy a diet of nuts that falls from trees around its spawning ground. Sometimes they will leap out of the water to grab nuts from branches close to the waters edge.

One unfortunate fisherman was swimming in the water when he felt a sudden intense pain around the crotch. He jumped out of the river blooded, hopping and screaming.
A hungry pacu in the water plucked the wrong nut, and with its razor sharp teeth had yanked it off it’s natural restraint.


It caused quite a stir amongst horrified village fishermen who saw blood gushing out between their friends crotch, missing both nuts and sinker
The women rushed to the man’s aid, handing some men their raffia skirts, who used them for added security around their own hanging babylonians before diving after the culprit.

They have to find this audacious PACU FISH before it digests those fresh nuts.

Hm! I am traumatized imagining the whole scene.

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