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Ogome Stool Somanya Remember Ancestors

Ogome Stool Somanya Remember Ancestors



Ogome Stool Somanya Remember Ancestors

Nene Tetteh Avi II
The line of succession begin from Nene Tetteh Dedu I who was succeeded by Nene Tetteh Dedu II and followed by Nene Tetteh Avi I. In 1972 Nene Tetteh Avi II was enstooled and gazzeted in 1980.

There are three gates that are heir to the throne in a rotational manner.

The stool has the power to enstool and bury the the paramouncy of Ogome State.

The stool have prerogative of protecting Ogome stool has the power to protect the Ogome lands this earned him the title Maklalo. Nene Tetteh Avi II is now 48 years on the stool.

He is now the oldest chief on the Krobo land. His aim is to restore the Heritage and rich culture of Ogome tribe.

He is a true reconciliator and peace maker.

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Ogome Stool Somanya Remember Ancestors

From 1700 the Nane family of Ogome state has been maintaining peace and harmony among the three gate .

Now my aim on the throne is to promote develop and educate the youth of my state it is obviously that ,our situations now as a nation has done many in the educational sector .

Today I pray for entire nation as well as my kingdom .Our ancestors we called to celebrate together with you since today is the first time Ogome clan comes together and plan for the future Twaa Omane Aba Yaaww

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Secretary of Ogome stool

Ogome Stool Somanya Remember Ancestors

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