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No point to debate the reality, lets work with it

No point to debate the reality, lets work with it


No point to debate the reality, lets work with it

A few weeks ago, I opined, in one of my articles, that new things are regularly and randomly happening around us in Ghana and around the world too at large.

I said randomly, because some of these occurrences on the planet  are unplanned and are really novel and highly abnormal; typical amongst these novel incidences is COVID-19. The Coronavirus crisis is, in fact, devastating for the world from human and also from economic perspectives; one can state that there is humanly  no doubt, at all, about that reality.

Before we all joyfully crossed over into this terrible and now  traumatically harsh and very worrisome year  of 2020, all known familiar, flexible work arrangements were considered a luxury in the management of nation-states, organizations and companies.

Today, in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic world, such arrangements are turning out to be very, very, essential.

And in order to work, effectively,  remote teams need very simple but robust set of systems to create an environment where employees thrive and perform peacefully. This means securing customer data accurately, and creating ways for the teams to stay in touch and in keeping them on track and, therefore, ensure consistency with the entities normality in its practice in these abnormal times.

So, how many systems do we have or actually exist, in these present circumstances in which businesses truly require to carry out their business activities and its related statutory obligations successfully? Quite a lot.

In fact, this fundamental shift towards remote work schedules, painfully, unfolded in the blink of an eye, as countless businesses scramble, all over the world  for ideas and resources to find and thereby implement the required ‘technology and its corresponding infrastructure’ in this difficult times.

It is, nevertheless, true, however, that long before everyone was and had been essentially forced or convincingly compelled to stay in their homes for weeks on end, employers weighed the pros and cons of hiring remote employees repeatedly, but usually kick against such an idea(s). But when COVID -19 broke out, governments ordered and speedily enshrined in their executive orders and instruments for low density of people in work environments. It is ongoing.

While it (virtual operations and working from home) doesn’t have as much of stigma today, as it used to have, companies still find themselves as the same similar questions they had been asking for years; to be sure of or  about ‘virtual workers’ and their performances. Factually, this perception is deeply rooted.

On my part, I cannot do otherwise as  a business coach,  than to totally agree  with  Miss Oprah Winfrey the popular American Television star that ‘ challenges are gifts that force us (human beings) to search for a new center of gravity; and that we don’t have to fight them, but rather find a new way around the challenges to properly stand’.

Clearly, that is, to stand so that we we do not crush the more under the increasing weight of the uncertainties of the invisible, unknown e.g. that of the present global havoc causing foe the coronavirus pandemic.  To be continued. Take care and stay safe.


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