Home News No point to debate the reality, let’s work with it (Part2)
No point to debate the reality, let’s work with it (Part2)

No point to debate the reality, let’s work with it (Part2)


In this era of this specified public health challenges of COVID-19, accompanied by its global economic disruptions and scary financial instabilities as is being caused by the deadly pandemic, we need to come to terms with it in Ghana and other less developed countries, through the total removal or the alteration of our cultural and domestic ideological snags. I know a lot of people may not agree with me,  but we have to, so that when we, successfully, overcome this harmful disease, we would turn on very new ways of life for our nations preparedness in future against a pandemic of similar nature when it breaks out.

Albeit, the whole world, has excellent lessons to learn and store up for deployment in a post-coronavirus world. It is, indeed, a must for the entire world. Subsequently, when we get there, eventually, we shall religiously keep to these new ways that COVID-19 has imposed on us; such conducts and personal hygienic behaviors are behaviors which will incidentally require that we definitely have to review our traditional ways and methods of doing a  great lots of things. I think this ongoing.  For such cultural and psychological transformations to succeed the world as a whole and Ghana, in particular needs to, therefore, rework, re-compute, re-evaluate, all those that the world needs to do about how we can reverse those previously despicable forms of systemic weaknesses, laxity and laziness resulting into low productivity, to work towards real national redemption,  proper national economic growth, national self reliance, complete economic  independence and national pride for every single Ghanaian –  young or old, rich or poor, in a post – coronavirus country.

It is in my view, the prayer of all and sundry, that come what may, we will certainly get there sooner or later. At a point Ghanaian will only need total commitment on everyone’s part to keep faith with basically doing only the needful and abiding by the health directives and protocols. One is tempted to ask: how best can we effectively achieve the foregoing key indicators, if we don’t change our mindsets? We might have to work, work, and work towards science and scientific research and the crucial re-examination of where we have gone wrong, as a nation, stuck to a position we have now noticed that if the  COVID-19 outbreak had not spread very quickly and widely to Ghana, there will, probably, not be any meaningful shifts in the way we think about  things (those that matter most, for us, as a country) and also about the manner in which we discharge or carry out our socio-economic duties and services.

In fact, no body is enthused about how the pandemic has impacted and continue to kill us, but it has brought lot of panful and painful experiences in its waves and has also widely opened our minds and eyes, so that global leaders can undertake some serious rethinking about their public health obligations and the well-being of peoples in every country.   It is my hope that we shall truly overcome the disease and that with the appropriate cure mankind shall win the ‘war’. Meanwhile, take care and stay safe.

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