Home News NLC is backing off from its campaign
NLC is backing off from its campaign

NLC is backing off from its campaign


NLC is backing off from its campaign No official of Kaduna State will go to Abuja for any meeting with FGN or NLC when the citizens of the State have no electricity. We hold the FGN responsible for inability to asset its ownership rights over TCN. No electricity, no meeting. – @elrufai

NLC is backing off from its campaign

KDSG Statement – May 19, 2021 – 9pm
The Kaduna State Government is yet to see evidence that the NLC is backing off from its campaign of economic and social sabotage against the people of the State.



Electric power is yet to be restored, after it was shutdown at dawn on Sunday, 16th May 2021, in brazen violation of the laws protecting essential services and infrastructure. That action removed any basis for state government officials to meet the NLC last Sunday. Denying our people electricity about 18 hours to the advertised commencement of their organized sabotage was akin to putting a gun on the government’s head. Government has a lawful duty not to indulge blackmail.

Restoring electricity is vital to relieving some of the pain that needless acts of lawlessness have inflicted on our people. The unimpeded provision of essential services is vital to civilized order.

Those who have disrupted it should promptly reverse themselves, not expect that it will be a matter for negotiation, much less being viewed as a precondition. KDSG will not participate in such a negotiation or countenance one whilst our people are still being denied their right to electricity.

Muyiwa Adekeye
Special Adviser to the Governor
(Media and Communications)

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