Home News Nigeria is to lose 5 LGAs to Cameroun
Nigeria is to lose 5 LGAs to Cameroun

Nigeria is to lose 5 LGAs to Cameroun


WITHOUT BEING IMMODEST …I HARDLY EVER GET ENSNARED OR DUPED INTO SHARING,OR COMMENTING ON HARE-BRAINED STORIES LIKE….”UN will divide the country Nigeria is to lose 5 LGAs to Cameroun”. Till midnight yesterday Several people have called me to ask my opinion which remained : I dont believe it.

LGAs to Cameroun
LGAs to Cameroun

Always look at all sides of a fantastic story before you are duped into sharing. 1. What is the source? 2. How credible the source? 3. Are there other sources reporting same? 4. The story may be “possible” theoretically but is it “probable”?…..
This story had only a single source albeit a source with “some credibility”.

But such a very important story doesn’t just happen overnight…it develops. If true Itd most probably be broken by FG. It would be carried or even broken first by media with longer reach and bigger resources than This Day. The story being purportedly from UN HQ would have been accessed by many media at about same time.

The story does not align with contemporary global context in which the call is for more integration not disintegration of countries….most especially not after the failed experiment with Sudan. Taking all the above together, the story that UN is forming another country by taking some LGAs from Nigeria while theoretically a possibility, is contextually an improbability.

While almost everything that the mind can conjure may be possible, some things are highly improbable. Dividing Nigeria in whatever shape of form is theoretically possible but highly improbable. As one wit said ” I prefer probable impossibility to possible improbability”. This hare-brained story is one such improbable possibility.

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