Home News Nigeria confirmed 5 new cases of Coronavirus
Nigeria confirmed 5 new cases of Coronavirus

Nigeria confirmed 5 new cases of Coronavirus


Nigeria confirmed 5 new cases of Coronavirus total now 36  The case for the coronavirus index was discovered in Lagos on February 24, when an Italian on a business trip to Nigeria fell ill and was later confirmed positive for the disease. It was being quarantined to ensure proper treatment.

Nigeria confirmed 5 new cases of Coronavirus

“All the confirmed cases of #COVID19 so far in Nigeria have been imported. Our points of entry are currently at the highest risk. We encourage Nigerians to limit travels to countries with ongoing transmission of #COVID19” Nigeria confirmed 5 new cases of Coronavirus

The governor. Nigeria restricts travelers from: China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Japan, France, Germany, United States of America, Norway, United Kingdom, Netherlands & Switzerland These are countries with  1,000 domestic cases.

Minister’s Press Briefing on # COVID19 Five (5) new cases of coronavirus in Nigeria, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 8 3 from the US (2 of which were Nigerians, a mother and her 6-week old baby), 2 from the UK (both Nigerians).

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Billionaire oil mogul Tonye Cole is isolates itself after the third case of Nigeria on the same flight.

Twittered #workfromhome I was on the BA75 flight of the 13th from London on which a lady tested positive for #COVID19Lagos. We’ve been asked by LSMOH to #selfisolate. I’m grateful to @NCDCgov for measures taken at airports to document all passengers coming into NIGERIA so we’re all safer.


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Ghana records 24 confirmed cases of COVID-19.
17 are of Ghanaian nationality and 7 other nationals namely: Norway, Lebanon, China, France, UK.

“If the coronavirus pandemic happens here, we will be devastated; we will die like cattle,” says a Kashmiri doctor.

Today’s COVID-19 updates:

• Italy bans internal travel

• Canada says it will not participate in Olympics

• More cases of imported coronavirus found in China

My brother sent me a video on how to stay healthy during this global virus catastrophe. I replied – Thanks mate. There are more videos and instructions than there are deaths.

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