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Nicki Minaj Follows Mufti Menk! So what?


Nicki Minaj Follows Mufti Menk! So what?. Keep pace with all the Hits and more. Subscribe Follow our live updates 24/7.

Nicki Minaj Follows Mufti Menk! So what?- Be the first person to watch this Video.

People are talk about Nicki Minaj following Mufti Menk, Menk goals is to Answers for the inquisitive mind of the 21st century!.

β€œI was born hindu and 2 years back i do not know, ALLAH knows how i ended up watching Mufti menk series of stories of all Prophet and I Reverted to Islam i do not remember anything but Allahamdullila I am A muslim Now”

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