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Waheedism; the highest order and Goodwill of Humanity

Waheedism; the highest order and Goodwill of Humanity



Waheedism; the highest order and Goodwill of Humanity and Humanitarian Consciousness. Waheedism is a Human Culturalist theory which aims to sustain, protect, and promote the dignity and integrity of Human Coexistence as a principle of life for solving critical problems facing humanity for the sustenance of mankind and nature.

Dr. Waheed Musah defined his ideology as “The Highest 2nd Millennium Consciousness of Human Revolution” which describes his vision, mission and accomplishment. It is ideologically instituted with his illustrious and industrious contributions to the ideal doctrine of Humanity and Humanitarian consciousness as a pillar for human transformation and development.

The fundamentals of waheedism is constituted on the Human Nature and Culture; Realization, Civilization, Liberation, Development, Freedom, Justice, Leadership, Education, and Literature and embodies the Human Science, Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychology as the pillars of wisdom and knowledge for the sustenance of Humanity and Nature.

The 5 cardinal Pillars of Waheedism

  1.  To imbibe and energize the youth against social, moral, political and economic vices.
  2. To inspire, motivate & promote the doctrines of Humanism and Humanitarianism in individuals.
  3. To encourage and Instill the spirit of selflessness, sacrifices, loyalty and honesty as the best leadership qualities to emulate for the services of Humanity.
  4. To sustain and protect the relationship between man and his environment for a healthier coexistence with nature for the preservation of the world for Humanity.
  5. Promoting the education of Personal Hygiene, Community and Environmental sanity, preservation and protection for the progress of Mankind and the sustenance of Nature.


Waheedians are individuals who belief and practices the principles of Waheedism. People who practices the highest Order and Goodwill of Humanity and Humanitarian Consciousness. Individuals who selflessly stand to give life to the lifeless, hope to the hopeless and voice to the voiceless. They stand to save lives, solve critical problems facing Humanity and give more young people the chance to live their dreams to the fullest.

Waheedians are extraordinary people with extraordinary abilities and capabilities to touch more lives, transform Societies, Unite Nations to Change the world. They are agents of Sustainable Human Development, Leaders of Change, protectors of Human Dignity, Freedom, Justice and Integrity and the promoters of highest Order and Goodwill of Humanity and Humanitarian Consciousness.


Waheed Centre for Humanity Waheed Centre for Humanity and Humanitarian Development (WCHHD) a think tank providing comprehensive strategies and solutions to protect and sustain the consciousness and integrity of humanity via educational empowerment and avenues of diplomatic relations.


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