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FEGOCOSOSA Makes a Bold Appearance at the 36th USOSA Plenary/AGM

FEGOCOSOSA Makes a Bold Appearance at the 36th USOSA Plenary/AGM


FEGOCOSOSA Makes a Bold Appearance at the 36th USOSA Plenary/AGM

F.G.C. Kaduna played host to the just concluded USOSA plenary. Our association made a loud statement with a bold representation at the occasion. The Kaduna chapter mobilized their members, coupled with others who came from out of town. All generations of our association were fully represented.

The event kicked off with a presentation by the keynote speaker, Mrs. Habiba Muda lawal who is also an alumna of F.G.C. Kaduna. In her presentation titled “The Role of USOSA in Enthroning Good Governance For National Development”, she challenged the Alumni Associations to partake in Nation Building by being actively involved in the overall development of the educational sector. She further stated that a good educational system will produce good leaders. She said, sustaining the great legacies of the unity schools will require the active participation of the Alumni both in cash and kind. For the alumni are repositories of historical knowledge about the schools.

One of us, the erudite linguist and security expert, Sadeeq Shehu who was also a member of the discussion panelist, did very well in marshalling out his thoughts. He challenged the Alumni to lead the patriotic charge towards reclaiming the lost glories of the Unity schools and the Nation in general.

The excitement continued when we met a former academic staff of our Alma Mater, Mallam U.Y. Hassan. He taught Applied Electricity and was also the Benue House Master, during his time at F.G.C. Sokoto. At school he was popularly known as “Ohms Law”. Mallam Hassan had a knack for drilling his students with the definition of ohms law during his classes. He struggled to control his emotions for he was very happy to meet with his former students. He also challenged the Alumni to give back, so as to upgrade the standards of our alma mater. He confessed that our Alma Mater was the best educational institution he had worked for, and our former Principal, Dr. P.S. Abdu remained his mentor to date.

The plenary ended with plenty financial pledges to USOSA.

Our host F.G.C. Kaduna Old Students Association did very good job in hosting the plenary. They exhibited a high level of organization and synergy. Their members led by their President, Abdul-Raheem Bahjeson, turned out in their large numbers.

Many thanks to the USOSA team, led by the “energetic” Lawrence Wilbert”. The energy he and his team have brought into USOSA is unbelievable.

A special commendation to the students of F.G.C. Kaduna who wooed us with their high level of cleanliness and good manners. Their uniforms were sparkling clean.

Many thanks to the members of the Kaduna Chapter led by Murtala Bello (Muree). Their highly organized turnout in their branded polo shirts was very commendable and flashy.

FEGOCOSOSA had the second highest number of attendees, next to the host association.
On a final note I will like to appreciate the following members of FEGOCOSOSA who attended the plenary:

In order of Seniority

Suleman Mustafa – 75
Ibrahim Tizghe – 77
Efe Ani – 77
Group Capt Sadeeq Shehu Rtd – 83
Hilary Okwarah – 83
Taubat Bello – 84
Hauwa Mohammed – 84
Rejoice Mohammed – 84
Sarah Thomas-Gandu – 86
Yusuf Usman – 89
Murtala Bello Murtala Bello – 90
Muazu Binta – 91
Zainab Usman – 91
Tope Salami – 92
Mustapha Salisu Ladan – 92
Ahmed Tijjani Abdu – 92
Balarabe Salisu – 92
Abubakar Balteh – 92
Isa Abdullah – 93
Abbas Muazu – 96
John Aduku – 96
Shehu Abubakar – 97
Lawal Bambale – 97
Aliyu Muhammad Carpenter – 97
Esther Ijomanta Attah – 97
Saadatu Dabai – 97
Saleem Balogun – 04
Rasheed Musa – 04
Rufai Abarshi – 05
Mustapha Ismail – 06
Sadiq Bala Mohammed – 08
Aminu Bala Muhammad – 08
Yahaya Muhammed – 08
Mustapha Mahmud Danladi – 10
Umar Bambale Yahaya– 10
Aliyu Nasir – 11
Abdulllahi Bala Mohammed – 12
Bala Muhammed Saleem – 16
Tahir Muhammed Muhammed – 16
Mubarak Muhammad – 19

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