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Dr Waheed Musah AWARDS

Dr Waheed Musah AWARDS


1. Honorable Personality Award 2019
2. Humanitarian Award 2019
3. Excellence Leadership Awards 2019
4. Order of Humanity Awards 2019
5. Global Poetic Star Award 2019
6. IAYPW Awards 2019
7. High Five Awards 2019
8. Celebrated Living Legend by World Institute of Peace 2019 – Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Nigeria 2019
9. Peace Medal award 2019
10. IOPSH Literary Award 2019 (First Ghanaian)
11. World Icon of Peace Award – Nigeria 2019
12. Young Most Influential Award 2019
13. Order of Peace Award 2019 (Egypt)
14. Humanitarian Excellence Award 2019
15. Global Peace Maker Award 2019 India (Former President of Ghana JJ Rawlings and Dr. Waheed Musah are the Ghanaians in the World list of nominees for the Award)
16. Distinguished Peace Advocate Award 2019 (first Ghanaian)
17. World Humanitarian Leadership Award 2019 (first Ghanaian)
18. Humanitarian Work Award 2019 (first Ghanaian)
19. Diplomat Award 2019 (first Ghanaian)
20. Commemorative Medal Award 2019 Italy (first Ghanaian)

Commemorative medal of Hafrican Prince Waheed Musah "Governor of culture" (elected) of the World Union of Poets of Knight Silvano Bortolazzi (Since Jan 1, 2019 – Until Jun 30, 2019)

Posted by School of Poetry – Gold Class on Saturday, January 5, 2019

21. Humanitarian Award 2019 (first Ghanaian) https://www.facebook.com/271026546871…/posts/32546643094024/
22. Peace Development Award 2019 (first Ghanaian)
23. Certificate of Honor 2019 Egypt (first Ghanaian)
24. International Certificate of Honor 2019 Dubai (first Ghanaian)
25. Governor of Literary Events Medal Award 2019 Italy (first Ghanaian)
26. World Leader Laureate (The Youngest in The World) 2018 Philippines (first in the World)

Watch out for the Third Edition of the International Humanity Conference (IHC) Ghana 2019

Watch out for the Third Edition of the International Humanity Conference (IHC) Ghana 2019.Theme – "Poverty Stricken Humanity, Our Fundamental Roles in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 1 (No Poverty) for a better world"Coming soon For more Information contact +233240909959hafrikanprince130@gmail.com.Hafrikan Prince Art World (HPAW) #HPAW is for life

Posted by Hausa Television on Thursday, January 17, 2019

27. Pentasian Award 2018 Philippines (first Ghanaian)
28. Life Time Achievement Award 2018
29. Warrior Prince Award 2018. India (first Ghanaian)
30. World Epitome of Humanity 2018
31. Tiranga Challenge Award 2018 (first Ghanaian)
32. Shield of Human Excellence Award 2018 (first Ghanaian)
33. Yerima Balla Award 2018 Nigeria (first Ghanaian)
34. Noble Star Award 2018
35. Life Time Achievement Award (International Youth Award) 2018 India (first Ghanaian)
36. World Poet Laureate 2018
37. Pride of the Global Award 2018 Kazakhstan (first youngest Ghanaian)
38. Global Humanitarian Leader Award 2018 (first Ghanaian)
39. Ambassador De Literature Medal Award 2018 (first Ghanaian)
40. International Peace Maker Award 2018 (first Ghanaian)
41. Global Literature Guardian Award 2018 (first Ghanaian)
42. World Most Influential Humanist 2018 (first Ghanaian)
43. Global Peace Leader 2018 (first Ghanaian)
44. World Laureate in Literature Award 2018
45. Active Member Award 2018 (first Ghanaian)
46. International Icon of Literature Award 2018
47. World Humanitarian Award 2018 (first Ghanaian)
48. LORD title Award for Justice and Peace” –2018 (first Ghanaian)
49. Peace Development Award 2018 Nigeria https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=983790905161752&id=599289023611944
50. Epitome of Humanity Award 2018 India (first Ghanaian)
51. Medal of Loyalty Award 2018 Algeria (first Ghanaian)
52. Holielite Honor Award 2018 (first Ghanaian)
53. World Peace and Human Rights Award 2018
54. World Humanitarian Leadership Award 2018 Ireland (first Ghanaian)
55. World Humanitarian Peace and Equity award 2018 Nigeria
56. Highest Merit of Achievement Award 2018 Yeji
57. Humanity Award 2018 http://wuhrhs.jimdo.com (first Ghanaian)
58. Art Icon Award 2018 Tunisia
59. World Epitome of Humanity 2019 Nigeria
60. Sahitya Anand Distinguished Personality Award 2018
61. Global International Award 2018 (first Ghanaian)
62. Certificado of Highest Recognition 2018 Mexico (first Ghanaian)
63. Most Influential Tourism Ambassador Award 2018 (first Ghanaian)
64. Global Human Rights Award 2018 Ireland (first Ghanaian)
65. Global Literary Excellence 2018 (first Ghanaian)
66. Highest Certificate Award 2018 Lebanon
67. Young World Leader Award 2018 (first Ghanaian)

Congratulations Young World Leader.

Posted by Young World Leaders For Humanity on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

68. Peace Mission Award 2018 Togo
69. World Literary Medal Award 2018 Italy (first Ghanaian)
70. Best Humanitarian Personality Award 2017 Nigeria
71. Noble personality Award 2018 Tunisia (first Ghanaian)
72. Global Literary Support 2018 (first Ghanaian)
73. “Dr. Yayati Madan G. Gandhi International Literary Award” 2017 (First Ghanaian)
74. Together for World Justice, Peace and Human Rights Defense Award 2017 (first Ghanaian)
75. Women Scream International Award 2017 Ghana www.womanscream.blogspot.com
76. Street Poetry Commemorative Award 2017 (first Ghanaian)
77. Life Time Achievement Award 2017
78. Poetic Silver Award 2017 Nigeria
79. ’Best Literary coordinator Award 2017 Italy (first Ghanaian)
80. Platinum cross Medal Award 2017 Italy (first Ghanaian)
81. Pride of the Global Award 2017 Kazakhstan (first youngest Ghanaian)
82. 5 Star Golden General Award 2017 Italy (first Ghanaian)
83. Cross of Peace International Award 2016 Italy
84. Science President Award 2013
85. Best Student Award 2007 etc ……………………………

1. Certificate of Recognition – GRDAJ – UNDESA 2019
2. Certificate of Appreciation – Bolivarian School of Human Rights and Chaplains Venezuela 2019 from Prof. Dr. Luis Roberto Carrasquel (President /Rector ESBODHCAPV)
3. Certificate of appreciation – Theological Institute Mission The last Trumpet – 2019
4. Certificate of Appreciation from Humanity Protection Trust 2019 from HRH Sir Duke Prof. Buhari Isah (National Zonal Co-coordinator)
5. Ghana Lifestyle Awards Nominee 2019 (In Category with Chief Moomen, Nana Asaase, Poetra Asantewaa, Rhyme Sonny etc.)
6. Certificate of Recognition “Peace Ambassador (Cadet) Dynamic Peace Resecue Mission International.
7. Certificate of Peace – Peace On Earth from Prof. Dr. Aji Rabiatul Hakim . MA, Ph.D
8. Special Certificate of friendship from Amb. Dr. Adil Forat Hameed 2019
9. Certificate of Appreciation by HPT 2019 Nigeria
10. Forth Young World Leader & Diplomatic (Forth Position in the world list) 2019
11. International Certificate of Honor from Dubai by his Excellency Dr. Mohammed Nabab Khan
12. Certificate of Appreciation from Holy Spirit Foundation Trust 2018-19 by Dr. Prem Parkash Grover, Dr. B. Khan, Dr Rizwanul Hassan
13. Certifivcate of Appreciation from Moving Club Tunisia by Prof. Riad Njim (Professor of Sport amd Physical education), Dr. Mohamed Nasser, Mr. Kaies Bonkhris etc.
14. CNN celebrated Literary Personality https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuDz5xtz1ps


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Posted by Epitacio Tongohan on Saturday, July 7, 2018

15. Received a 10 Citations ( Copy rights Reserved)
16. Part of the Top ten (10) highly most influential Young World Leaders and Diplomatic – 2019 https://www.facebook.com/287326911646408/posts/781801975532230/ 4th position in the world.
17. Featured Literary Personality World Poetry China 2019
18. Certificate of Merit from Pan African Federalist Movement (PAFM) Nigeria presented by His Royal Highness Ambassador Adeghoyega Christopher Ariyo former Nigeria High Commissioner to Namobia and the Onibala of Ibala Land ,Umudjere Sunday National Coordinator etc. in Nigeria
19. Certificate of Honor by WNWU Kazakhstan 2018 (Acknowledged at their Independent Celebration)
20. Certificate of Appreciation from Citizen International school by the Proprietor, PTA, Teachers, student and Pupils of the School
21. Certificate of Appreciation from the Advisor and Coordinator of International external Relations and Representative of the Shafi Centre in kingdom of Swedeen by AMb. Dr. Saas Yakeenh Eteya. And Dr. Mohmed Saad Mazn
22. Pentasi B World featured Literary Personality 2016 in Africa
23. Featured Literary Personality World Poetry Festival India 2017
24. TITLED “GASTALDO” Italy 2016
25. Part of the Highest Pyramid of the Highest Personality of the World Union of Poets of the World (some of the members includes Prof. Ernesto Kahan, Prof. Jernail Singh Anand, Prof. Carlo Marriage, Prof. Jose carlos Pereira, Hon. Dr. Rashid Pelpuo, Prof. Lidija Pudak etc. www.worldunionofpoets.ga
26. Image among the Portrait of most influential writers and poets in the world, The Very Best in the World Kept at The National Library of the Philippines
27. Image part of the Unity Wall Photos 2017 of the Pentasi B Immortals in Poetry and Art and also in 2018 and 2019
28. Certificate of Merit from Pan African Federalist Movement Nigeria present by
29. Poet/Spoken World Artiste of the Year – Ghana Lifestyle Awards https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=393601094753464&id=364408084339432
30. Yerima Balla Award 2018
31. 40 under 40 2018 https://www.ghanaweb.com/…/Forty-under-40-nominees-announce…
32. World Nominee for the position of the World Deputy Secretary General of the Magnificent World Union of Poets
33. Appointed Candidate to the place of “Secretary General of WUP 2018 (some of the Candidates include Prof. Dijana Uherek Stevanovic (Writer), Helene Cardona (Hollywood Star), Prof. Ernosto Kahan (Noble Prize for Peace 1985), Prof. Mabel Coronel Cuenca, Prof. Orlando campos Rodriguez, Prof. Muhammed Shanazer etc.
34. Certificate of Achievement presented by Prof. Alhaji Abubakari Saddique, Hon. Mustapha Yakubu etc. in Nigeria 2017
35. 40 under 40 Young achievers award nominee 2017 under the category of theater and art http://www.thepictame.com/p/40under40awardsgh
36. Certificate of Appreciation from the Science Department of Walewale senior High Schools by Patron of the Department and the Headmaster of the School 2013

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