Home News Ghanaians new things are Frequently happening around us
Ghanaians new things are Frequently happening around us

Ghanaians new things are Frequently happening around us


War in Syria’s Idlib, with its people from most of these war zones in that part of the world, fleeing from the war usually fatefully come face to face with the neighboring Turkish border walls.

War in Yemen, war in Israel after Israeli soldiers shot dead one Hizbolla fighter, but in the melee of events frequently happening  around us, the ‘deep-throated’ war drums in Afghanistan’s mountain ranges went totally quiet for about a week, when the Afghan and American officials prepare policy documents for peace.

In fact, we can’t run away from the fact that all these activities, including the daily killings of women and children, originate most of the time from the minds of men, who will stop at nothing to perpetuate their stay in political power or wickedly conspire to make their states completely ungovernable, thus denying peace a chance.

For me, I think we, (Ghanaians) haven’t reached anywhere yet in our attempts at development, as a country so lets give peace a chance, for us, to consciously and  critically  look at the living conditions of those  who are at  each others throats, every minute of the day, sadly becoming proxy states of other nations.

Quite honestly, their per  capita income is better than ours as a nation.

For us, we need optimum peace and security to make progress, even, if it is, at a slow pace, it will certainly be an advancement of mother Ghana; besides, let’s shun selfishness and the countless ‘pull him down’ (PhD) attitudes we tend to  portray  towards each other, anytime the introduce new mainstream initiative policy to move our country forward in the appropriate direction.

If our country’s 63rd National Day Celebration, yesterday, 6th March, is something to go by, it wasn’t only the unadulterated exhibition of Ghanaian color and grandeur, but also the fulfilling display of total unity in our cultural diversity and in our united purposefulness as one people with one common democratic destiny.

In my opinion, the day remarkably, nonetheless, a very glorious one. In fact, the President was super-modest, the visiting Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago was gorgeous, while the Asantehene was at his usual top of the cards best of bests; above all our Vice President too was snowy immaculate.

Hurray, to all of them; interestingly, ‘shame unto the devil’ my five years old daughter says, as my exaltations of the turns out of everyone sank deep into her little heart and mind, savoring all what she was watching unfold inside the main bowl of the Kumasi Stadium. It was, indeed, spectacular and glorious, to say the least.

But just as a few late comers were warned over the address system, to stay back because the stadium was at its fullest categorization capacity, some notable dignitaries were equally obviously absent; visibly conspicuous amongst those absentees are some distinguished party regional and constituency executives, members of parliament, and directors.

As we want peaceful co-existence amongst our Ghanaians peoples, will those absentees, be serious minded persons for whom Ghanaians will sacrificially forgo the sleeps to wake up at three o’clock in the morning on election day to queue up, in ‘long lines’ to vote for?

I am still reflecting over some of these negative attitudes to national events yet peace will prevail.

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