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Nawaf hausa novel on hausa.info BY BILKISA IBRAHIM

Nawaf hausa novel on hausa.info BY BILKISA IBRAHIM IN THE NAME OF GOD, THE MOST MERCIFUL, THE MOST MERCIFUL, O GOD grant me the power to say what will benefit your nation, guard my tongue from saying things that will harm your community. Assalamu alaikum, greetings and best wishes, I am happy to meet you again on my new book NAWAFF, may GOD bless us all. Amen. Page 1 & 2 Today is a hot summer day, everyone is looking for shelter, under a canopy or under a tree.

The sound of vehicles flooding the city of Kano, despite the huge traffic jam that once blocked the road, many of the people in the cars were overwhelmed by the heat of the day. But that doesn’t stop daf dalba advertisers from promoting their products, especially water advertisers, because of the hot weather people need cold water. You look at me on a white gsk car, which you look at and look at the bottom of the car.

A beautiful young girl was lying in the back of the car, her nails white but not very bright, she had an Ethiopian complexion, a long nose and big eyes, she was lying in the back of the car studying a book.

Go ahead, driver, raise your head and say hello to the Arabs, see what I’m doing to you, why don’t we follow her here, I’m still late, and I have lectures now wlhy. Balarabe said, “Sorry hajiya, wlhy I don’t think we will get this congestion. She has been telling me wlhy I will end the cause of such congestion in Kano ?, without listening to her.” The Arab commentator opened the car and left. As the red car pulled up, the windshield was smashed to the ground, a young man appeared. , and then someone thinks of his friend. The handsome young man is the driver of the car, you can tell by looking at him that he is happy, but you don’t seem to be singing, and you are not.

He was enjoying himself. He picked up a box of hollandaise slowly and kept shaking his head, including the clapping of his two fingers. Don’t take this cute girl’s shitake. “No, not at all. Her mind was on something. She felt something on her chest, and she quickly looked at her body.

Hummm, what are you talking about? It’s nothing but a bottle of hollanddia and gay d’innan drinking,” She followed her body and watched, to see how the yoghurt had been beaten by the black jalalabadi on her body, she turned her gaze back to the car to see who had done this to her ??. Saitaga looked at her with a smirk, and the young man next to him looked at him and said, “Are you all right? Can you laugh at yourself like a demon?” He laughed and pointed at him. Yasmeen, who was standing like an idol, was looking at the power of GOD. She wondered what kind of idiot he was. He did something to her but he was laughing. Mas’ud said, “But you are just a child of NAWAFF, you will not hurt a girl. and you make me laugh ??

Below is a look at the car number that came out. NAWAFF scolded Mas’ud Harara for saying “I’m not saying come and stop here, is she just kidding me or not? If you want me to look at the car number, I’ll see if I look at it.” Everything they said Yasmeen could hear, so her heart pounded, and she ended up in their car. She said, “You idiot who does not respect people, are you not a fool? NAWAFF looked at him angrily and said,” Who is this fool? Itama said in a loud voice, “Take him to us !!!, or a fool will do you a little bit of me including a madman, my son can have a small brain. Afusace opened the car door, washed her, granddaughter of someone else. Tasss.

A lot of people’s attention spread, especially the advertisers. She rubbed her cheek and looked at him, then she raised her hand and washed his hands. He quickly took her hand and twisted it, she said, “You little d He said, “Haba NAWAFF will you offend her and then stop ??.” Shame on you? Are you deaf? People are watching.

Mas’ud said, “Haba NAWAFF, your face is well-known. Why would you do that? Now the journalists are spreading rumors around the world. Sit down, little girl. Don’t be shy. He turned to her. “Write and save. I’ll show you. I’m crazy.”

Yasmeen intervened and said, “Why should I show you that I am the cure for any insane person, no matter how crazy he is. If he gets angry, Mas’ud, who is in the middle of them, will stop. What are you doing? Son of GOD, you are not looking at me.” Are you kidding me? You are blocking the way for the people. Then the NAWAFF noticed that there was no one in front of them, all the gossip was gone, except for the people behind them, who were pushing them. He said, “I am sorry, Hajiya. You have come too late.

Harara waved to him and he nodded, mas’ud said, “plz be patient son of GOD we are on the street. Turning to their car just to see what is being said to them, but keep your promise all day long reunion with gay d’innan set to show him the little d’an iskane wlhy ………………….. ✍🏻 Tusk’ashi masu Reading, whatever happens ?, who is NAWAFF ??? Why can journalists spread rumors ???? Who is Yasmeen ?? And whose daughter ??, please help me answer your questions ….

Yours sincerely BILKISA IBRAHIM (Bily) ) (Mrs Abdus’salam) Be mine !!!!!! 👈🏻 It will come to you soon …… 😘😘luv u oll © 2016 💞Bilyn Abdul💞 [1/12, 8:53 PM ] mrs bilkisu: 🎾 🎾NAWAFF🎾 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ NA BILKISA IBRAHIM💞 page👉🏻3 She said, “the driver maidani home. Terrified, he said, “What about the school?” She said in a low voice, “I’m telling you, Maidan. He said, “I am sorry that GOD has breathed into your heart.

You do not change your mind because her heart is still strong, she remembers nothing but what this gay man did to her. Before he parked her car, she ran outside. Humm. What amazes me ??, the house where the girl walks in you see the house of the poor, you will never think of the girl and the family car, tomorrow we will know. The floor is crying. An old woman is sitting in the middle of the floor. Her nails are beautiful, they look like a girl, you can see she is also a mother. Her palms are crying, and the old woman quickly hugs her daughter and says, “Yasmeen, are you all right? Are you out of school?” she cried, “umma bamun tafiba is a gosulo holding us. The ummah said, “Why are you crying? Or gosulo d’in?”

So what ?, umma asked. She wiped away the tears. What happened to him? She was crying and telling her ummah what had happened. Umma Tashiga persuaded her to apologize, her father came in and greeted her, and since they had seen each other, she stopped to ask the Arabs what had happened. Yashafa on yesmeen said, “Do not worry my mother GOD is with the patient, so be patient one day and let me know. Slowly she raised her big eyes which were dazed by the weeping, she said,” do not worry about my grave with me alone. I will take revenge, wlhy abba I despise myself, my son is no longer despised, only we are poor saikowa says, he will despise us, abba aii there are no orphans except sheep. No, it’s just a matter of time before the next one arrives.

The silence lost nothing, and the train could not bear it. The ummah said, “If you are patient, Yasmeen, I do not want you to be impatient. If you are patient, GOD will reward you. Leave us alone. Our silence has lost nothing, only tears and tears in its eyes.” She said in a low voice, “Be patient with my parents and GOD will be my solution. I feel that my work will never succeed against us, GOD willing. Abba wiped away the tears saying GOD has answered your prayers my mother. They said, “Peace be upon you and your nation.” When she passed away, her parents looked at her with sympathy.

She said, “Yasmeen, you see the treasures of life. GOD has brought this to an end. Abba said,” Amen. Yasmeen enters her room wringing her body gently, but her face shows signs of fear, her dancing voice says, “Peace be upon you.

I don’t smell on the other side, but I look at Yasmeen’s eyes.” she was shedding tears, then she put the cell phone on the bed and cried, despite the fact that yasmeen was not really worried but she was very sympathetic to gsk, she was very sad and sad for my house.Theirs were NAWAFF, except for mas’ud The driver of the car, the NAWAFF boy, could not because he was upset. Since he was sitting in the driver’s seat with his eyes closed, he did not speak again. Mas’ud Yanufi was on his way home with the boys. Mas’ud’s door slammed shut, and the guard quickly opened the gate, Mas’ud pressed it. nose of the car to the inside.

It’s okay that the house is small and big, NAWAFF came out of the house, he went straight into the house, but there was no one in the hall, he went out and went to his house which was not big enough for him to enter. He collapsed on top of the couch and closed his eyes, Mas’ud came in and just stared at him. NAWAFF straightened up and went to his bedroom, untied himself without taking off his clothes, showered himself for ten minutes, then took off his clothes and washed himself. Jalla Biya just stared back at the floor, Mas’ud lying on a double chair, watching TV. NAWAFF came and sat without speaking to Mas’ud. Mas’ud Yad’ago is looking at him, he is not going to ask him, he is laughing and he is looking at NAWAFF.

Nawaff stared at him for a long time, his face flushed, his head held high, and Mas’ud burst out laughing. In a panic, Nawaff said, “By God, what is this ??, you are going to push people forward and you are laughing at them. Mas’ud said,” Kajimin man, do you care about my laughter, or do I mention your brother’s name ?? But wlhy brothers you fit this girl gsky. Harara’s mother let him go, and without hesitation he straightened up and left. Mas’ud continued to laugh, like a madman ……………. ✍🏻 Thank you to all the lovers, and congratulations on completing the book ME AND MY FRIEND ngd GOD bless your love k’a Be patient from now on, you will continue to receive page 1 every day, only, before everything is settled ngd.

mrs bilkisu: 🎾 🎾NAWAFF🎾 🎾 NA BILKISA IBRAHIM💞 Page👉🏻4 Yasmeen goes dressed in red leggings, in a dress and skirt, she covers herself with a d ‘ A good marriage is the choice of the father of the bride, for the white robe and the white shoes, except for the one who sees.

Her mother looked at her and said, “You are beautiful, Yasmeen d’in abba. You are like a bride. Her hand covered her face and she said,” O umma. Umma laughed and said, “Well, now you are going to go, even if you are going to go. Yasmeen pushed forward and said,” GOD, umma, I am not going to leave you. You saw yesterday what he did to me. Yaseer, who was sitting at the table, said, “I’m not going to Zanyiba, so return the knife. I’m here to watch football.
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Yasmeen attacked him, just watching football, unemployed. Yaseer was shocked.” Yasmeen reached out to him, avoided laughing, and said in a low voice, “Umma, have you seen him yet? Umma, have you seen him?” She laughed and said, “I have nothing to do with you, since you are the one who despises me. I am the only one who is your son.” Yaseer said, “The ummah did not stand idly by. Why are you calling me her son?” mata 😜. Yasmeen’s eyes widened, and they began to march around the floor, and she said, “You’re going to hit my mother, you’re going to walk, you’re going to fall down and fall with this high-heeled shoe.”

Yasmeen stopped and whispered, while Yaseer was standing in the doorway laughing. Yaseer said, “Let us recite the verse together, it is over. He also left the ummah. She also said,” They are going to take Ameena. The ummah said, “Well done, but come back soon. . Yasmeen said, “then umma will be protected. She leaves their house and Ameena enters, their house is much better than theirs Yasmeen, they get together, Ameena says, “It’s better, I don’t want to waste our time. Yasmeen has lost everything. They got into a car. An accident took place. I didn’t say anything.

They said they would take her to Deexerh😜. At the end of the meeting, everything was ready. Yasmeen pulled out the phone. She said, “Asmy GOD, my daughter is … there is no African time, but there is no one outside.” From there sorry my dear, why Safwan is the fault of his six friends, they said they were waiting for their best friend, and he still did not arrive, but we will meet here. Yasmeen, a middle-aged woman, said, “I’m not the only one who drank yesterday.

The bride said,” Why. Yasmeen interrupted, tswww, and then everything had to be done, angrily turning off the phone without waiting for Asmy’s answer. Ameena said, “What’s wrong with you?” Yasmeen winked at her. “Yesterday the wind blew. They waited. Cut a gold. You can see how it dried up yesterday.

Finally, a little contemptuously sent us a driver.” ……. Yasmeen did not close all their cars Asmy started to come. After they stopped, people started coming out, everyone was looking for a place to sit, everyone sat down and Yasmeen went with the bride, the bridegroom came, the bride’s friends and the groom’s friends followed them to the place provided for them. Then there are two chairs on the side where the most beautiful bride will sit, with the groom’s best friend. Yasmeen sat next to the asmy bride talking kus2, as the first thing that introduced people was introduced.

There the presenter began to play with the long-awaited groom’s best friend, and the attention of the people was drawn to the red car with white stripes, and the car caught the attention of the people. , except for yasmeen, the phone caught her attention. Since then it has been screaming modeebbo! Sai modeebbo !!. Shikam just raised his hand and smiled at them, until he sat down next to the groom. After a moment of silence, the groom’s best friend greeted him, raised his hand and smiled. The bridegroom said, “My man, I am waiting for you. You are already waiting.” He said in a sweet voice, “I am sorry, my friend. Why are you waiting for Mas’ud? I will not return. I am sorry to come.” Ongo smiled and said, “Modeebbo, they smiled and shook hands.

Yasmeen even though the phone rang she didn’t care to see who the groom’s best friend was. Yasmeen Abubakar Habeeb, come and invite her. Yasmeen sat for a long time and did not move. He handed her the subject dole, saying, “We want you to introduce yourself, and the history of the bride.” She calmly accepted. She was very strict because of the way people looked at her. She took the attention of many gays there, slowly started talking, in a sweet voice, and some of her own fires were taken, including the groom’s best friend (modeebbo).

She could not see the owner’s face. She said her name and her relationship with the bride n tagama is entered to make me go. “The tree will invite the groom’s best friend to this place,” he said. Yasmeen said, “A bird fluttered from the sky, her heart was talking.” NAWAFF also develops what is going to happen to a few spectators, but leaves it to its own devices.

Mrs Abdus’salam💞💞💞 💞LUV U OLL😘😘😘😘💞💞 © 2016 [1/12, 8:53 PM] mrs bilkisu: 🎾 🎾 NAWAFF 🎾 ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ NA BILKISA IBRAHIM💞 Assalamu alaikum. Alhmdllh my brothers as I told you to calm down and write for some reason. Well Alhmdllh now everything is fine, I am happy to be with you😘😘😂. Page👉🏻5 ….. Nawaff smirked, and Yasmeen smirked. He stared at her in a dazzling display, silent as they watched, as the photographers shone. He leaned close to her, as if to penetrate her body, she quickly pulled back, he clasped his fingers together, lowered his voice so that only she could hear him, he said, “why do you believe in such madness?” I will do for you what the newspapers and magazines will publish tomorrow morning. Despite all the fear, Yasmeen did not stop her from doing so. She kept her mouth shut and said, “You are not old enough.” GOD is in control of your affairs.

Nawaff modeebbo yad’an d’ago watches as people’s attention spreads to themselves, then releases an intelligent smile. In general, the pitch and the pitch are compatible. Nawaff jumps in with a smirk, and I match this demon-like look. Yasmeen just uttered her words and the presenter approached them standing. Yasmeen smiled frustratedly and said, “Aren’t you crazy? You’re a big shash ………… before the blacksmith grabbed her hand and twisted it violently. , GOD willing, the Blue light was on and off, so that no one could see Nawaff’s evil deeds.

Nawaff hurried away. Mas’ud stood up. Mas’ud said, “Plz my bro’s just delete, don’t let anyone know what’s going on. Nawaff looked Mas’ud in the eye and said, “Why did Mas’ud do this to the girl and know her life, as you want me to leave but our meeting is not good at all. and write it down. He finishes his speech and returns to his quarters near the groom, represented by Mas’ud, saying all that is required. Asmy says, “Yasmeen, what is your relationship with modeebbo ?? Yasmeen wiped the tears from her face and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll let you know, but not now. So, Asmy’s shoes are on. Please continue to persuade Yasmeen. Yasmeen said,” Asmy, I’m sorry. I’m going home. mini pain.

Asmy said, “No worries dear kije tomorrow meet, ngd with your efforts. Yasmeen straightened up looking for Ameena, after she saw them they left, all she could see Nawaff was looking at her, they were leaving letters behind them. Yasmeen was trying to find an Arab. She was snatched up by her back, turned around quickly, her eyes wide open to see NAWAFF. He rubbed his face like a bashiba, Yasmeen said, “lfy konaci bashinkane ??. Nawaff grabbed Yasmeen’s old abaya hair, twisted it violently, stepped on it, but no one was there because of the noise, the music was rising, and the hair was between cars.

In a low voice, he said, “You are not right, so why don’t you write it down and save it, this will be your MELODY VENGEANCE, let me know how to do it for you, it made me drive the car behind. Mas’ud Behind them praises NAWAFF with a look of astonishment, what do you mean by moaning her and becoming her REDEMPTION !!!! ????. She quickly turns her back on him, while Ameena ends up with Yasmeen crying, her hand just tapping without.

She said no matter what, they got into a car and left. Ahanyama Yasmeen cried and cried. NAWAFF’s son shocked me. He reminded me of her past life. She was in the traps of tyrannical men. UT @ RH @ JIYA @ “,, is this how her life will end, every MAN wants her to be the most important thing in her life, why is that ???, what do I say to them ???, why do they want to disrespect me? “Ameena and the Arabs have all the sympathy for Yasmeen,” she said You speak to them, and they speak openly. Ameena hugged me and whispered, so they ended up home.

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