Home Sports Muntari Tagoe, Lee Addy wishes to join the Ghana premiere league
Muntari Tagoe, Lee Addy wishes to join the Ghana premiere league

Muntari Tagoe, Lee Addy wishes to join the Ghana premiere league


Muntari Tagoe and Lee Addy are back home from their respective country they are from. They are back home to continue their football career here in Ghana ,this is because there in Ethiopia, due to the Coronavirus all sports activities are held on. So the players all together made a video call, pleading for the government to come for them, they were finally brought went through the mandatory quarantine for two weeks.

In an interview Of Lee Addy and Muntari Tagoe With Tv presenter Thierry Nyann on Tv3 sports station says that as far as there is no signing of football contact in Ethiopia and now that they are in Ghana they are ready to play in any premiere league club in the 2020/21 season.
Lee Addy said that any teams that comes to him, he will accept it if only it good.

“I am still playing and any team that comes to me that we should go into an agreement with and it is good then I think I will embrace it and play for them. If it is a local club or team from outside Ghana.”

“Football is like a military or pastoral job, anywhere God directs you to go you have to go. So anyone who comes to me that I need you to come and help my club, I will be very glad to go and exhibit the great talent God has given to me.” Lee Addy continued

“This is my country and when you are playing in your country, it is a little bit easier because of the language and the culture but when you are playing outside it is very difficult. I have played all over the world and I know how it is especially Eastern Europe like Serbia, Croatia etc but if you are playing in your motherland and the contract is okay then you play to your very best and you excel”

Muntari Tagoe who was also played for Madeama SC before leaving to join one of the Ethiopia clubs Jimma Aba Jifar also said this;

“It is an agreement between two parties; they come to me and I go to them, we sit down and negotiate. Any Ghanaian player should not belittle himself because this is the work we do and you have to go all out for it and deliver for the club.

“Medeama is my home but it is going to depend on what is in the contract. If I am comfortable with it, I will deliver.”

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