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Moshi Monsters Download

Moshi Monsters Download


Farewell, Flash, and hello, Moshi Monsters Rewritten Desktop!

Adobe has declared that Adobe Flash Player will no longer be supported beyond December 2020. Internet browsers will no longer support Flash technology.
Moshi Monsters Download

Moshi Monsters Rewritten is an online game and platform, as you may know. As a result, the component that operates in the browser is just as important as the part that can be seen on the iceberg.

To safeguard the playability of Moshi Monsters Rewritten, we created a new client called “MMR Desktop.”

You can continue to play and have fun by downloading the Moshi Monsters Rewritten Desktop Application to your PC.

If you experience problems, please read the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

– Download for windows :


Do you want to download for Windows 32-bit ? Click here


– Download for Mac :



– Download for Linux :


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