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Mazaje – Episode 1


Mazaje – Episode 1 Story from Ali Artwork watch how Mazaje – Episode 1 in side the 17min comedy story where Ali Artwork nearly kill someone because of a lady.

Kalli Sabon Shirin Madagwal Zai Kashe Mutum Biyu Saboda Mace (Ali Artwork Comedy 2020)


Lady: Hello dear, I miss you.. on my way to visit my sister, she said she missed me so I have to visit her, I will comeback soon.

Second Call: yes, I’m in a car now traveling to Lagos, to buy some product, you know i have shortage of some of my product, so now am inside the car traveling, make sure you prepare me the my favorite food.


Lady; Hello, yes.. dear am inside a car now, i could not wait for you any more, house is boring so i let, am in a car going to Sokoto.


Man: Hi, yes we’re inside the plan now traveling to Dubai, we’re just refilling the fuel up in the sky,

are you sure, oh yes!

it’s a now station in the sky. wow

baby what do you want?, Range Rover or Gwagon?, do not worry i will buy it.


please young man i want to ask you a question, So, is there a fueling station in the sky?

are you serious?

do you think this road is Sokoto to Abuja road?



Hi baby, how are you doing? and how is your country? you know since the corona lockdown things are not normal again.

you know i’m going to travel now to Dubai, am working on some oil business,

Baby, is that my car,


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