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    Management vocabulary in Hausa to English



    Management vocabulary in Hausa

    Management vocabulary in Hausa and English. Welcome to our website,, where you can explore a wealth of knowledge and resources related to management vocabulary in both Hausa and English.

    Management vocabulary in Hausa
    Management vocabulary in Hausa to English 82

    Effective communication is crucial in the world of business and leadership, and mastering the essential terms and phrases in both languages is the key to success.

    Management vocabulary in Hausa and English

    Whether you are a student, professional, or simply curious about the world of management, our platform is here to help you expand your language skills and enhance your understanding of this vital subject.


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    Discover a wide range of management terms, their translations, and practical usage in Hausa and English, right here at

    inventory management systemtsarin sarrafa kaya
    monday project managementgudanar da aikin a ranar Litinin
    compensation managementgudanarwar diyya
    warehouse management systemsito management tsarin
    client managementabokin ciniki management
    workflow managementgudanar da aikin
    performance management systemtsarin gudanar da ayyuka
    project trackeraikin tracker
    contract managementgudanar da kwangila
    zoho projectsayyukan zoho
    legal managementgudanar da doka
    configuration managementdaidaitawa management
    transportation management systemtsarin tafiyar da sufuri
    task managementgudanar da ayyuka
    yield managementsarrafa yawan amfanin ƙasa
    inventory managementsarrafa kaya
    asana project managementasana aikin management
    wms systemtsarin wms
    service managementgudanar da sabis
    task trackermai bin aiki
    contract lifecycle managementkwangilar gudanar da rayuwa
    up clickupdanna sama
    clickup updanna sama
    vendor management systemtsarin gudanarwa na mai siyarwa
    clickup pricingdanna farashin
    asana pricingasana pricing
    resource managementsarrafa albarkatun
    compliance managementgudanar da yarda
    tms systemtms tsarin
    problem managementmatsala management
    jira alternativesjira madadin
    pmp traininghoron pmp
    trello alternativetrello madadin
    resource planningtsara kayan aiki
    it managementta management
    channel managementsarrafa tashar
    business process managementgudanar da harkokin kasuwanci
    project schedulingjadawalin aikin
    product management mondaysarrafa samfur ranar Litinin
    management traininghorar da gudanarwa
    warehouse managementsito management
    demand managementsarrafa bukatar
    clickup apidanna api
    product planningsamfurin shiryawa
    plm systemtsarin plm
    google project managementsarrafa ayyukan google
    project portfolio managementgudanar da fayil ɗin aikin
    stock managementsarrafa hannun jari
    quality management systemtsarin gudanarwa mai inganci
    project teamtawagar aikin
    profit management solutions reviewsriba management mafita reviews
    product lifecycle managementsamfurin rayuwa management
    openprojectbude aikin
    jira roadmapjira roadmap
    smartsheet pricingsmartsheet farashin
    jira project managementjira aikin management
    project management traininghorar da gudanar da ayyukan
    inventory controlsarrafa kaya
    supply chain analyticsnazarin sarkar samar da kayayyaki
    p&l managementp&l management
    supplier managementsarrafa kaya
    product life cycle managementsarrafa rayuwar samfur
    jira pricingjira pricing
    supply chain managementsarrafa sarkar samar da kayayyaki
    operations and supply chain managementayyuka da sarrafa sarkar samar da kayayyaki
    release managementsaki management
    organizational managementgudanarwa na kungiya
    organization and managementtsari da gudanarwa
    it project managementshi gudanar da ayyukan
    organizational change managementgudanar da canjin kungiya
    revenue managementsarrafa kudaden shiga
    vendor managementgudanarwar mai siyarwa
    portfolio managementsarrafa fayil
    prince2 project managementprince2 gudanar da aikin
    prince2 foundationprince2 foundation
    jira alignjira align
    project management planshirin gudanar da aikin
    prosci change managementprosci canji management
    microsoft project managementsarrafa ayyukan Microsoft
    business managementgudanar da kasuwanci
    project leaderjagoran aikin
    stock controlsarrafa hannun jari
    management solutionsmafita na gudanarwa
    management engineeringinjiniyan gudanarwa
    lifecycle managementgudanar da rayuwa
    gantt chartsgant charts
    team gantttawagar gantt
    agile managementagile management
    management systemtsarin gudanarwa
    account managementsarrafa asusun
    process managementsarrafa tsari
    public managementgudanar da jama’a
    integrated management systemhadedde tsarin gudanarwa
    budget managementgudanar da kasafin kudi
    team managementgudanarwar ƙungiyar
    prince 2sarki 2
    jira workflowjira aiki
    supply chain processtsarin samar da kayayyaki
    sap tmruwa tm
    program managementgudanar da shirin
    production managementgudanarwar samarwa
    information managementsarrafa bayanai
    coursera project managementgudanar da aikin coursera
    technology managementsarrafa fasaha
    jira confluencejira confluence
    microsoft projectaikin Microsoft
    ms projectms aikin
    capacity managementiya aiki management
    project plannermai tsara aikin
    project managementgudanar da aikin
    change managementcanji management
    sap plmruwa plm
    work breakdown structure in project managementtsarin rushewar aiki a cikin gudanar da ayyukan
    cost managementsarrafa farashi
    business continuity managementgudanar da ci gaban kasuwanci
    gantt projectaikin gantt
    logistics managementsarrafa dabaru
    construction project managementgudanar da aikin gini
    performance managementgudanar da ayyuka
    project management officeofishin kula da ayyukan
    administrative managementgudanarwa management
    iso 90001Farashin 90001
    communication managementsadarwa management
    iso 9001Farashin 9001
    supply chainsarkar wadata
    visual managementgudanarwa na gani
    sap ewmzuw ewm
    risk management plantsarin kula da haɗari
    performance management processaiwatar da aikin gudanarwa
    global supply chainsarkar samar da kayayyaki ta duniya
    innovation managementgudanar da bidi’a
    iso 9001 standardISO 9001 Standard
    project risk managementgudanar da hadarin aikin
    project management professionalƙwararriyar sarrafa ayyukan
    iso 140001Farashin 140001
    controlling in managementsarrafawa a cikin gudanarwa
    iso 14001Farashin 14001
    jira trainingjira training
    9001 iso 20159001 iso 2015
    scrum project managementscrum aikin gudanarwa
    jira work managementjira aikin management
    certified associate in project managementƙwararren aboki a cikin gudanar da ayyukan
    management consulting firmskamfanoni masu ba da shawara na gudanarwa
    14001 iso14001 iso
    iso 14001 2015iso14001 2015
    chartered management instituteinstitute management institute
    iso 9000iso9000
    change management processcanza tsarin gudanarwa
    perpetual inventory systemtsarin ƙididdiga na dindindin
    change management plancanza tsarin gudanarwa
    agile project managementagile aikin management
    environmental management systemtsarin kula da muhalli
    just in time inventorykawai a cikin lissafin lokaci
    senior managementbabban gudanarwa
    work breakdown structuretsarin rushewar aiki
    iso 9001 2015Farashin 90012015
    distribution managementgudanarwa na rarrabawa
    iso 22301Farashin 22301
    general managementbabban gudanarwa
    strategic riskhadarin dabara
    trello pricingfarashin trello
    quality managementinganci management
    decision making in managementyanke shawara a cikin gudanarwa
    strategic management processtsarin gudanarwa na dabarun
    quality improvementingantaccen inganci
    risk registerhadarin rajista
    interim managementgudanarwa na wucin gadi
    key account managementkey account management
    management consultingshawarwarin gudanarwa
    trello premiumtrello premium
    project management body of knowledgeaikin gudanar da ayyukan ilimi
    material managementsarrafa kayan abu
    change controlcanza iko
    lean managementm management
    design managementzane management
    product lifecyclesamfurin rayuwa
    cost and management accountingkudin da management lissafin kudi
    people managementgudanar da mutane
    iso 37001Farashin 37001
    leadership and managementjagoranci da gudanarwa
    organizational changecanjin kungiya
    leadership in managementjagoranci a gudanarwa
    operations managementgudanar da ayyuka
    middle managementgudanarwa na tsakiya
    project management life cycletsarin tafiyar da aikin
    diversity managementgudanarwa iri-iri
    planning in managementshiryawa a gudanarwa
    project management processtsarin gudanar da aikin
    primavera p6zafi p6
    pmi acppmi acp
    total quality managementjimlar ingancin gudanarwa
    procurement managementsarrafa sayayya
    pmi pmppmi pmp
    level of managementmatakin gudanarwa
    staffing in managementma’aikata a cikin management
    project management instituteCibiyar gudanar da ayyukan
    category managementgudanarwa na rukuni
    supplier relationship managementgudanarwa dangantakar mai kaya
    logistics and supply chain managementdabaru da sarrafa sarkar samar da kayayyaki
    pmo officeofishin pmo
    pmbok guidepmbok jagora
    office managementgudanar da ofis
    pmi orgpmi org
    project management stepsmatakan sarrafa ayyukan
    finance managementgudanar da harkokin kudi
    waterfall project managementgudanar da ayyukan ruwan ruwa
    cost controlsarrafa farashi
    project cycleaikin sake zagayowar
    strategic managementdabarun gudanarwa
    executive managementgudanarwar gudanarwa
    flat organizational structurelebur tsari tsarin
    stakeholder managementgudanar da masu ruwa da tsaki
    conflict resolution strategiesdabarun warware rikici
    amy edmondsonamy edmondson
    project life cycletsarin rayuwar aikin
    project management methodologieshanyoyin sarrafa ayyukan
    product managementsarrafa samfur
    peter druckerBitrus mashayi
    managing upgudanarwa
    project coordinatormai gudanar da aikin
    time management strategiesdabarun sarrafa lokaci
    principles of managementka’idojin gudanarwa
    it directorshi director
    balanced scorecardma’auni ma’auni
    project directordarektan ayyukan
    managing directorManajan Darakta
    micro managementmicro management
    iso 21500Farashin 21500
    new public managementsabon gudanarwa na jama’a
    top level managementbabban matakin gudanarwa
    14 principles of management14 ka’idojin gudanarwa
    henry mintzbergHenry Mintzberg
    peter f druckerpeter f mashaya
    chester barnardchester barnard
    henri fayolhenri fayol
    henri fayol 14 principles of managementhenri fayol 14 ka’idojin gudanarwa
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