Home Sports Lokomotiv Moscow 1-2 Bayern Munich – Full Time
Lokomotiv Moscow 1-2 Bayern Munich – Full Time

Lokomotiv Moscow 1-2 Bayern Munich – Full Time


Lokomotiv Moscow 1-2 Bayern Munich – Full Time ′′ I’m glad the fans are happy. That they appreciated our work, as we fought on the field. I would like to thank them for their support ′′
Mother Rybus after the match #LocoBavaria Lokomotiv Moscow vs Bayern Munich.

Lokomotiv Moscow 1-2 Bayern Munich - Full Time

Initial responses and findings

  1. Well done guys! Anton ❤️ forward to my brother))) well done.
  2. yes, we lost! but looked very worthy!
  3. Ehhh Ze Luis was so sad… and it could have been 2-1, but in return attack 1-2…
    *he’s on the team for a little over a week…. But it ‘. well, 5 minutes before that, he issued a great pass to Miranchuk from a more difficult position.
    *He’s good. I’m sure that the playground will be added and Smolov will be fine and everything will be fine in the attack led by Ze.
    *he was not sad!! He just knows how Zhemaletdinov hits the gate……
  4. Awesome match! Well done guys! Rifat and Fedor, please find yourself! Preferably, in another profession)).
    *remembering Rifat in the game with Juventus last year. Was good. I don’t remember Smolov at all… Empty place.
    *Smolov, as he was a narcissist, he remained. I still can’t forgive him 2018 World Cup. The humpback grave will fix.
    *to be a pajon, you need to take the ball sometimes, not lose constantly)) Fedya away from the team
  5. Thanks to the players and coach for the wonderful football and for the emotions. Such defeat is better than another victory.
  6. They had a great game! Victory will come, huge hugs from Mexico! Our flag shares its flowers! 🙌👏🇲🇽🇷🇺 LOCOMOTIVE!!!
  7. today tried hard, of course, but very slow in making decisions, slow down… Lisakovich – maybe early should have been released. Zemaletdinov – again not clear. Raikovich – on his experience, he did it. Ze-greedy, of course, but he could himself, must reach the level. A roof – a lot of marriage, unfortunately, not one’s own… Well done, not ashamed of the team and coach, a little luck and accuracy.
  8. Don’t be ashamed! There was a lot of strange things, not enough, but they PLAYED, and therefore NOT SHAME! THANK YOU GUYS! After such games, we believe in you!
  9. The best game at Nikolich. But it’s a shame for defeat. Guys thank you
  10. I thought today – maybe this is the match… a game that will be remembered for many years? Already enough of these in memory, and I would like to remember another one. But it didn’t work out. In history, how not to spin, the main thing is the winner.
    And then I realized that at least 3 matches in the near future could become such. There is also Atletico our favorite, and Bavaria at the Alliance Arena… and this is even more interesting)
    With the game that was shown today, anything is possible.
    Let’s go Loco!
  11. Like with Yuva a year ago. Thank you team. Played better than everyone expected. Let’s look further
  12. Loved the energy from the Lokomotiv fans.
  13. I think Lee-Ze should play in the attack, looks more promising than Smo-Ed. And so, a huge respect for the game, such 1-2 is much more offensive than 0-3 or 0-4.
  14. All respect from bayern fan.
  15. Nothing to be ashamed of! Keep the fight going, LOKOMOTIV!.
  16. He didn’t score there, he was greedy… they could have won. It’s a shame.

Lokomotiv Moscow 1-2 Bayern Munich - Full Time 1

  1. Did what you do very best winning congratulation. Above it feels very terrific when your Favourite Player in the team is the Match Winner and scores a Tremendous Goal.
  2. So many goalscoring chances missed by Lokomotiv. Bayern were not better than Lokomotiv, they just have better individual quality, and that was the difference in the key moments of the game.
  3. Barcelona is coming for you… We will have our revenge
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