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Fela Kuti’s note opens: Getting at the same time in Europe and Africa

Fela Kuti’s note opens: Getting at the same time in Europe and Africa


Rossy de Palma, the artist by Pedro Almodóvar, will present the opening ceremony, where she will be named the FCAT Ambassador.

The festival features 82 films, which will be held in two cities on two continents, Tarifa (Spain) and Tangier (Morocco)

The Tarifa-Tangier Television Network (FCAT) has opened its channels in Tarifa with an opening ceremony hosted by producer Rossy de Palma, which has just finished filming the Birds in the UK. Presentation of FCAT 2019 Tarifa Company, Francisco Ruiz, and President of the Department of Economics and Citizen Services at Cádiz Regional Office, Jaime Armario, attended the event, along with directors and guests.

The film chosen to open the FCAT show in Tarifa watching music and Afrobeat artist, Fela Kuti, a Nigerian musician, with the Meu amigo Fela (My Friend Fela) program. The director of the film, Joel Zito Araújo from Brazil, attended the opening ceremony to present the film with Fela Kuti’s director, Sagrario Luna. With this film, which explores the life of a musician in conversation with his great friend Carlos Moore, FCAT began publishing this new book with a focus on Latin American Afrodescendant. Kuti has created Afrobeat and is one of Africa’s most renowned musicians through his music experience and his ongoing struggle against injustice with international companies and companies.

Rossy de Palma, a lover of African culture, was named FCAT Ambassador at the festival because of his dedication and commitment to the continent and African theater.

Two sections – Long and Short – and one-dimensional – Reminiscence Screenings: African Original Stories, Third Source, Afroscope, Spanish Outlook, Ghana in Four Works and Birds – will contains 82 films, 29 of which will be Spanish and first in the world, by Pablo Macías, La Vida Perra, who is writing, screenwriter for Ángel Vázquez and Tangier International.

Other films are from 20 African countries (Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Somalia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Kenya, Sudan, Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Uganda, DRC, Angola, Madagascar, Ghana and Mauritania), four South American countries (Colombia, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Mexico) in the Third Section, with 14 films from the United States.

The opening ceremony was presented to members of the FCAT board, director Bernie Goldblat, African historian June Giovanni and co-host Enrique González Kuhn. They include Nasib Farah, director of Lost Warrior, Philippa Herrman, director of New Testament, Reem Saleh, director of Al Gami’ya, Naziha Arebi, director of Freedom Fieldsand Mario Mabjaia, actor in Mabata Bata.

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