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Destiny Is Not Rushed For!

Destiny Is Not Rushed For!


Destiny Is Not Rushed For. There lived a man called Katari with his wife with their dog and two children, a boy and a girl in a village called sang.

There lived a man called Katari with his wife with their dog and two children, a boy and a girl in a village called Sang in the northern region of Ghana.

Katari was a very hardworking, patient and a honest farmer who farms on a very vast plot of land and grew a variety of crops,such as maize, cassava, yams, beans, cowpeas, millet, rice, ground nut and many more which was making more yields, and which he used to feed his family and sold some to take care of the family.

Katari was the type of person who was very kind and hated none and was loved by all in the village, and also he was always the kind of person people in the village.

Always looked for when in need, because he was always hardworking and as a result always had more to feed his family then share with neighbors who were not abled.

Each day Katari was going to his farm,he usually went with his family and their dog such that the children will grow to become hardworking and also make sure they comported themselves.

One day, when Katari and family were busily working, their dog went to a certain tree just closer to their farm hut and started barking and using it’s fore legs to hit the ground making the place dusty.

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Katari’s wife went there to see what was happening, and when she went there, she found out that there was a sizable earthed pot covered with it’s lid,so she called her husband to come and see.

Katari came and also saw it, so he decided to open to see what it was, he opened but couldn’t believe his eyes, then he said his wife should also look at it, infact the pot was full of gold.

They become shocked, because they have never seen gold anywhere around the farm and have they have never even seen gold before,they only heard about it.

Katari’s wife said they should pick it and send it home in order to make themselves richer, but Katari insisted that they should leave it,and if is theirs it’ll surely find them for destiny is not rushed for,his wife pretended to agree with him.

After they left the farm for home,his wife quickly rushed to one of his friends and told him what they saw in their farm and proposed that he should go to the farm at midnight and bring it to his house so that in the next morning she will come so that she’ll give him a half and take the other half, this man agreed then the woman showed him where it was.

It was midnight, the man went to Katari’s farm just at where they saw the pot of gold, and infact they were then two,a bigger one and the sizable one,out of greed this man decided that, he’ll go to the bigger pot and fetch more of the gold and then hide it to keep as his and leave the rest of it for sharing.

So he went to the bigger one and opened it and all that was inside was bees which stinged him severely and he felt that the woman deceived him just to make him suffer those stings of the bees.

This man thought there was bees inside the other pot and decided to show the woman and her family a lesson, so he took the pot then carried it to their house and upon reaching the house.

Katari and his family were deep asleep with their window open, the man decided to drop the pot through the window into their room, and after that he will close the window so that the bees will spread around the room and sting each and every one of them just like they did to him.

After dropping the pot he couldn’t believe his eyes seeing that the pot had been smashed up, and instead of bees,it was gold which was glittering all around where they spread to.

Katari and his family quickly got woked up by the sound of the smashed pot and realized that it was the pot of gold they saw at their farm during the day time.

Katari upon seeing this said to his wife that; I told you that if it was ours it’ll surely find us and now here it’s.

The other man upon seeing that realized that he played a fool of himself and could not even alter a word not to even talk of showing up, because it was not his and as a result went home in pains. And this made Katari and his family more wealthier.


Mohammad Kameel Adam Mohammad kameel Adam a writer and staff of Hausa.info



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