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Leicester City v Chelsea score predictions

Leicester City v Chelsea score predictions


In this Leicester City v Chelsea game, Barkley should start again he didn’t do well on the ball vs manc but off the ball he gave azpi excellent covers for sterling and many others and I think he should start.

Leicester City V Chelsea Score Predictions 1

Firstly, Please Lampard Shock us with this Trophy, I know it is Possible For Chelsea is a winning team regardless of the Squad Shape just do it for Blue fans as we wait For the Triumph of PL next season.

About CHE/LEC ,The Blues are winning this on A platter of Silver.

Secondly, Leicester is one of the team in English league that use to disturb Chelsea, we have draw our last three matches with them so I predict the match… Leicester 0-1 Chelsea

There are however, As much as I hate to say it, but there will be another new team out, so I see a loss unfortunately.

Once we have a regular starting line up and the defence is sorted out, we will get some consistency.

We kept great shape against city. This is however another steep battle.

But if we keep our heads we should win. Tough one to call but 2 1 I’d say.

Chelsea win with pulisic put the first goal and also Abraham score after long rest follow up with last minute finishing willian and pedro goal 4-0.

Chelsea vs Leicester it’s always away team that normally has the edge of winning…, so I’ll go for my Blues team to dismantle Leicester 1-2.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I really don’t care the score line is, all I know is that CFC is going to win this match.

I think we should make use of this midfield trio: Kante, Kovacic and Billy, all 3 are utility players, they can defend, attack, create chances and control the midfield.

Moreover Kante would cover more of the defensive while Kovacic drives the ball to link the attackers and Billy helps with ball distribution.

Look at the cross Billy gave to Pedro in our last match against Man City.

In conclusion, I think Pedro and Pulisic should man the wing as they’re our most clinical finishers, whichever striker we use is okay.


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