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KANIN MIJINA 1&2 Latest Hausa movies


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KANIN MIJINA 1&2 Latest Hausa

Hausa Film produced by MURYAR HAUSA TV the new “KANIN MIJINA”. the  YouTube channel entertainment with over 44+ million viewers.

Kanin Mijina 1&Amp;2 Latest Hausa Movies

Watch Hausa movies online here all the Latest Hausa Film 2021, from your favorite Actors and TV Series like IZZAR SO, A Duniya, Labarina etc.

Hausa video on top of the Africa Music Industry, Download Mp3 from selected African Languages mainly Hausa Language, Ga, English and Akan.

How do you greet in Hausa?

  • Sannu (“Hello”)
  • Na gode (“Thank you”)
  • Eh / A’a (“yes / no”)
  • Ina gidan wanka? (“Where is the bathroom?”)
  • Kunna bar / Juya dama (“Turn left / right”)
  • Daina (“Stop”)
  • Dadi (“delicious”)
  • Ina jin yunwa (“I’m hungry”)
  • Ruwa (“water”)

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