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Jummah prayers at Darkuman central Mosque

Jummah prayers at Darkuman central Mosque


Today 10th of July 2020,the third Jummah prayers was offered after the  Darkuman central mosque went under renovation. Imam Zulqarnain spoke on wealth in his sermon (Khutbah),he is quoted saying:

“I entreat you and myself to fear Allah the greatest of all greats, let’s fear the day we will stand in the court of Allah to account for all we’ve done. May the salutations and blessings of God be upon the best amongst all creatures, Muhammad (S.A.W),his household, companions and those who follow in their footsteps till the end of time.If Allah loves a person he makes it easier for him to spend in his course,if it’s the other way round, Allah makes his heart turns away from his course. Muslims should strive in path of Allah with their wealth and their souls to attain the highest ranks in paradise. There’s nothing more dearer to man than wealth and children and if both do not lead to salvation from the punishment of Allah,one is doomed”

Abdul Aziz a covid 19 taskforce of the mosque spoke to us:

“We try to observe all covid 19 protocols,we encouraged people to perform ablution at their houses before coming to the mosque, bring along their prayer mat.Our taps are flowing with water should in case one wants to perform ablution at the mosque. We are appealing to individuals, organization and the government to help us with Veronica buckets,hand sanitizer, tissue paper and thermometer guns as we lack these things to aid in the smooth execution of our duty.”

Imam Iddris the deputy chief Imam of the mosque also echoed his thoughts:

“We educated the Muslim Ummah to observe those protocols issued by the president of the nation,H.E Nana Addo way before the mosque started offering it’s Jummah prayers three weeks ago today,of our lapses is what Aziz mentioned earlier. Thank you”.

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