Home News Is the Ghana Pensioner out of the woods?
Is the Ghana Pensioner out of the woods?

Is the Ghana Pensioner out of the woods?


Pensioners in Ghana are suffering untold hardships. Why is it so? It is so, because, the systems of providing financial security for the old are under increasing strain throughout the world, and some of us want to admit that the past few years, actually brought us a few regular warnings about grave problems lying around the corner, in respect of the future of pensioners, since their monthly incomes continue to plummet.

As of now, we have in the homeland,  very distinct classes of pensioners – ‘rich pensioners’, ‘poor pensioners’, and ‘poor of the poor’ pensioners. This standardization is becoming very frightening to talk about, let alone discuss. One can clearly reasonably observe that a pensions ‘class system’ is, indeed, emerging momentously in the pension sector. So, we must , as a matter of urgency to discontinue shunning the pensions challenges with mere lip services.

According to a good number of  research findings, the heart of the problem lies, mainly, in the fact, that the traditional means of income supports for the older senior citizens is weakening day by day,  meanwhile, the often loudly taunted ‘formal systems of support for the old, including the government-backed pensions allowances  have, for a very long time, proven unstable and completely ‘insufficient’.

Is the Ghana Pensioner out of the woods?

In my view, the multitude of the ‘sins’ which are mostly creating this socio-economic phenomenon, covers particularly, the subtle elements of mugging, deception, flawed strategic reasoning, complex legalities, restrictions on innovativeness and lack of initiatives. Inarguably, the situation is still the same, in spite of the fact, that the  NPP Administration, is working hard and tirelessly to ensure that the pension houses are put in order, to enable them rework on pension benefits for Ghanaian retirees.

We are now beginning to see a strong and faithful oversight control in the system. Such an approach will curtail all forms of corrupt behaviors, maladministration, greed, nepotism, which will eventually strengthen all the past weak strategies. In addition the government is apparently and seriously taking the necessary fiscal steps to keep every inflationary trend in check and under control. So, it  is presumably, likely that, as soon as, things improve the emerging pension class system will disappear, altogether. Let’s all cross our fingers, and patiently wait for that day.

Is the Ghana Pensioner out of the woods?

But sadly, however, today we have tiers one, two, and three schemes on the pensions landscape, hence the class system is getting a foothold as an acceptable norm even though we all agree that a change is necessary, but the perceived change is creating a painfully larger phenomenon of pension classes, which is, thus, making retired civil servants poorer, but making others from the other side of the divide, going home with huge sums of  ex-gratia allowances plus four wheel vehicles and a category of  befitting titles to go with it. In fact, we are all not equal on the social structure, but let’s try our best to ameliorate the living conditions of others, too. Is the Ghana Pensioner out of the woods?

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