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Is sentences in Hausa to English



Is sentences in Hausa

Is sentences in Hausa and English? Welcome to! Explore the fascinating world of ‘is’ sentences in both Hausa and English languages. This section of our website delves into the structure and usage of ‘is’ sentences, helping you understand how these fundamental linguistic elements work in two distinct languages.

Is sentences in Hausa
Is sentences in Hausa to English 82

Is sentences in Hausa and English?

Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a student, or simply curious about language, our resource will provide insights and examples to enhance your understanding of this essential grammatical concept. Join us on a journey of linguistic discovery as we compare ‘is’ sentences in Hausa and English, highlighting their similarities and differences. Let’s unravel the intricacies of language together!

Is anybody home?kowa gida?
Is everything OK?komai lafiya?
Is he a friend of yours?abokinka ne?
Is he a teacher?shi malami ne?
Is he breathing?yana numfashi?
Is he still here?yana nan har yanzu?
Is his father a doctor?babansa likita ne?
Is it far from here?Akwai nisa daga nan?
Is it free?yana da kyauta?
Is it near your house?yana kusa da gidanku?
Is she at home?tana gida?
Is she married?tayi aure?
Is she staying at a hotel?tana zama a otal?
Is she your sister?‘yar uwarka ce?
Is something wrong?wani abu ne ba daidai ba?
Is that true?gaskiya ne?
Is that what you have in mind?Shin abin da kuke tunani kenan?
Is the bath clean?wanka yayi tsaf?
Is the bath ready?wanka ya shirya?
Is the job still available?har yanzu akwai aikin?
Is the job too much for you?shin aikin yayi maka yawa?
Is there a doctor in the house?akwai likita a gidan?
Is there anything else you want me to do?akwai wani abu kuma kina so inyi?
Is there anything I can do for you?akwai wani abu da zan iya yi muku?
Is this book yours?wannan littafin naku ne?
Is your mother at home?mahaifiyarka tana gida?
Is this love?wannan soyayya ce?
Is there a cat on the table?akwai cat a kan tebur?
Is the snake alive?shin maciji yana raye?
Is this is a correct answer?wannan amsa ce daidai?
how isyaya ne
who is ipwane ne ip
who is whowanene wane
what is a domainmenene yanki
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