Home Lifestyle Is it true that dreams can reveal realities in life?
Is it true that dreams can reveal realities in life?

Is it true that dreams can reveal realities in life?


Today, I would like to introduce readers to one of the facts of life occurrences  that dreams are ‘series of thoughts , images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.’ Dreams are divine revelations of the unknown. That is why  dreams are in other words considered to be the spiritual reflexes of real-life issues humans occasionally tend to receive  when they are asleep. We do have good dreams, bad dreams, and nightmares, etc. But most times such dreams are instantly forgotten after we wake up.

In other times we take some of such subconscious revelations to be evil manifestations about witches and wizards. What is also known as ‘day dreaming’ is another aspect of it. Everyone day-dreams at times; some do it to such an extent that they become unpractical, moody, out of touch, with realities, but others only  do it on rare occasions. However, I doubt if there is anyone who at some time or another has not engaged in this pleasantly soothing occupation. Like so many other forms mental activity the value of day dreams depends entirely on the use made of it – that is on the way its energy is directed

Certainly day-dreaming can be either an inspiration or a vice. Thus it all ‘depends as is so often the case, whether you make it your servant or allow it to become your master.’ In fact to sit and simply pursue aimless and idle trains of thoughts, unless they are or be definitely and deliberately undertaken as a form of mental rest and recreation, is to use day-dreaming as a drug. Even so, it has its place, if used sparingly and with discretion:’ but do not allow it to be a habit.’

The sort of day-dreaming that is really valuable is when one sits down and deliberately visions what might be, when one reviews the past, considers the present, and builds the future.  It is such dreams and visions that led Columbus to America, (I hope you know he discovered America), and gave Newton the secrets of gravitation, and that also inspired every great man who has ever left his mark on history. Don’t be afraid of such dreams. They can be made the spur  to action and the accomplishment of bigger things. But I must suggest that never allow those day-dreams to be more than a prelude.

The thing that matters most is the actions they inspire. Thus, some dreams are nonetheless, extremely cherished aspirations that guide us more often about how we can easily learn to put up high-raised  buildings, manufacture or invent automobiles, planes, and trains if we deeply analyze and critically apply our mental forces in trying to understand implement every bit of our internal psych-guides and directions given us in those dreams.  In the same vein there is, in fact, some greatness in every body, including you, but you hardly know about it existence in you.

Have you ever dreamt before about working as a freelance writer and about how you can make to make more money from your writings,  then this article is for you.  I think you are. So, I suggest you need to forge ahead. Don’t erect “false barriers” and self sabotage blocks on your paths. Ignore the challenges.



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