”INTERNATIONAL HUMANITY DAY (IHD)” also known as ”WORLD HUMANITY DAY (WHD)” is a Flagship Initiative declared by the “Waheed Centre for Humanity and Humanitarian Development (WCHHD) to promote, protect, and sustain the consciousness, dignity and integrity of Humanity for the Sustenance and development of Peace, Unity and Harmony for Sustainable Humanity Development in the 21st century and beyond.


International Humanity Day (IHD) or World Humanity Day is celebrated annually across the world on 30th June, every year to Celebrate Humanity, commemorating the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the African Union (AU) Agendas for the sustenance of the Human Consciousness, Dignity, Freedom, Justice, Unity, and Integrity for the Development of Humanity.

The creation of the world was the beginning of Humanity. Humanity has gone through different stages and levels of civilizations, from centuries to centuries, Humanity has witnessed different trends of Human Revolution. The founder and CEO of Waheed Centre for Humanity and Humanitarian Development (WCHHD) HRH Prince Hc. Prof. Dr. Waheed Musah (World most influential Multi Awards Winning Humanity Scientist, Peace Activist, Revolutionary Poet, Author, Sustainable Human Development Advocate, and Humanity & Humanitarian Development Expert) declared 30th June INTERNATIONAL HUMANITY DAY (IHD) on 3rd October, 2017 to Sustain and to protect the Consciousness, Freedom, Dignity and Integrity of Humanity. IHD is a hope to liberate life, emancipate the world and to stimulate the growth of Humanity which will go a long way to touch lives, transform societies, Unite Nations to Change the World, for the advancement of the Human Race against Social, Political and Economic Intolerance for the sustenance of humanity.
A special day of every year declared for the whole wide world to celebrate and also to appreciate the existence of Humanity. This is the day declared for us to celebrate and also to promote the true concept of Humanism and Humanitarianism. A day to show the world that without the existence of Humanity there is no existence of Life. A special day for humans to celebrate their existence as human beings.
Peace, Love and Unity we need now to make our society a better place for us and for our generations. If you are indeed a true human being then show your love and appreciation by celebrating International Humanity Day on every 30th June of every year.

Show love to your neighbours, have time with the less privileged people, share food, cloths, gifts and anything valuable for sustaining life to the needy. Help the less privileged people, Feed the needy, Give beautiful gifts, Plant more trees, Teach your pupils and children the true consciousness of Humanism and Humanitarianism, Spend quality time with friends and families, Write beautiful poems and articles for Humanity, Visit the streets, orphanage homes and prisons to celebrate with them and share words of transformation, encouragement, goodness and hope with them. Do great and great things to celebrate, appreciate your existence as a human being. Show your greatest love and care to encourage, heal, inspire and motivate someone. You are the humanity we are celebrating. Let’s make this day a part of our ways of living the life. The power of giving is that, it can heal, transform and satisfy the lives of the needy. The True Nature and Culture of Universal Love, Peace, Harmony, Unity, Respect, Justice, Morality, and Tolerance are fading away from our society which is very dangerous and serious problem to deal with. While Greed, Selfishness, Poverty, War, Hunger, Hatred, Disrespect, Immoralities, Abuses, Humiliations, Corruption, Slavery, Racism, Nuclear Weapons, Mass Destruction etcetera, are over dominating our society and making Humanity unsafe for us and for our generations. In order to heal and secure the future of Humanity we must make sure that we try to dissolve all negativities, atrocities, un-sustainability, and unrealistic attitudes that are threats to the existence of Humanity. Let’s make this day a memorable day for the peacefulness, Brotherhood, Sisterhood and betterment of the social transformation, advancement, development and sustainability of Humanity.

Let’s make this day a global holiday to heal the wounds of Humanity and restore the dignity and integrity of the Human Existence.

Are you a true believer of peace, unity and justice for Humanity, then show it on every 30th June of every year, a day declared to celebrate and also to appreciate the existence of Humanity.
 A day for all Global Humanists and true Ambassadors of Humanity to organize all kinds of life transforming activities to promote – The True Nature And Culture of Humanity,
 A day for International Coexistence, Presidents, States leaders, and Institutions to show their Commitment and Integrity towards the promotion of Universal Peace, Unity and also their loyalty towards the fight against Nuclear Weapons, War, Abuses, Social, Political and Economic un-sustainability to re-establish and ignite hope to dissolve universal fear and threat that will lead to War and Injustices in the world.
 A day for all kings, Chiefs and Elders to promote communal tolerance and also to organize community based Peace activities to establish tribal Tolerance, Unity and Peace in the community.
 A day for Journalists, Writers, poets, Artists, Teachers, Bankers, Lawyers and all kinds of profession all over the world to ignite their voices to spread the gospel of Unity, Friendship, Peace, Tolerance at work place or at home for the advancement of Humanity.
 A day to show true love for the less privileged.
 Special day to plant more trees to sustain nature for the sustenance of Humanity.
 A day to unite, eats, and plays together as true Human beings.
 A day to teach children how to love and how to care unconditionally.
 A day to celebrate Freedom, Justice, Tolerance and Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood.
 A day to play and share deepest love with the less privileged people.
 A day to reach out and save souls.
 A day for all educationalists all over the world to organize a special activities in schools for their pupils and students to appreciate, educate, inspire and encourage them to be products of Social, Political and Economic transformation.
 A day for all Ambassadors of Humanity to preach the gospel, culture and tradition of Humanity to the World.

Every 30th June Declared International Humanity Day to celebrate and also to appreciate the existence and strength of Humanity for Unity, Peace, Tolerance, Justice and Freedom to be part of our lives and never to depart from us, as true Human beings. It is very important that we set aside a special day to celebrate Humanity. The reason is to encourage the spirit of patriotism, love, peace, unity, justice, and socio-culture, political and economic tolerance in the world. 30th June, 2020. Let’s Celebrate International Humanity Day (IHD) to appreciate the existence of Humanity, It is indeed the time to heal and time to free Humanity from the dark side of uncertainties. We have set aside International Humanity Conference- a life transforming conference to develop strategic solutions to solve the most pressing problems facing humanity. The conference is to support the celebration of the International humanity Day with real bases and fundamentals of the True Nature and Culture of Humanity to establish strong pillars that will indeed provide enough practice for strategies in combating the threats of Humanity. International Humanity Day – IHD