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Insurance vocabulary in Hausa to English



Insurance vocabulary in Hausa

Insurance vocabulary in Hausa and English. Welcome to, your go-to resource for learning and understanding insurance terminology in both Hausa and English. Insurance is a vital aspect of financial planning and security, and being well-versed in the language of insurance can help you make informed decisions to protect your future.

Insurance vocabulary in Hausa and English

Our website is here to provide you with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to explore and master insurance vocabulary in the Hausa language alongside English translations. Whether you’re an insurance professional, a student, or simply someone looking to enhance their insurance knowledge, has you covered.


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Dive into our extensive collection of insurance terms, definitions, and explanations, and empower yourself with the language of financial protection. Start your journey to insurance literacy with us today!

over 50 life insurancefiye da 50 inshora rayuwa
general liability insurancejanar alhaki inshora
business insurance for llcinshorar kasuwanci don llc
small business insurancekananan kasuwanci inshora
life insurance quoteslissafin inshorar rai
business liability insuranceinshora abin alhaki na kasuwanci
term life insurance quotessharuddan inshorar rayuwa
life covermurfin rayuwa
business insuranceinshorar kasuwanci
small business health insurancekananan kasuwanci inshora kiwon lafiya
cheap life insuranceinshorar rai mai arha
workers comp insurancema’aikata comp inshora
aarp united healthcareaarp United kiwon lafiya
e&o insurancee&o inshora
life insuranceinshorar rayuwa
whole life insurance quotesdukan rai inshora quotes
company insuranceinshorar kamfani
funeral covermurfin jana’izar
critical illness coverm rashin lafiya cover
aarp unitedhealthcareaarp United Healthcare
errors and omissions insurancekurakurai da rashin kuskuren inshora
affordable life insuranceinshorar rayuwa mai araha
aarp medicareaarp medicare
commercial auto insurancekasuwanci auto inshora
public liability insuranceinshorar abin alhaki na jama’a
income protection insuranceinshora kariyar kudin shiga
commercial truck insuranceinshorar motocin kasuwanci
public liabilityalhaki na jama’a
rv insuranceinshora rv
professional liability insurancesana’a abin alhaki inshora
vitality life insuranceinshorar rayuwa
landlord insurance quotekudin inshora na mai gida
homeowners insurance quotekudin inshorar masu gida
income protectionkariyar kudin shiga
life insurance policymanufofin inshorar rayuwa
health insurance quotesmaganganun inshorar lafiya
term life insuranceinshorar rayuwa
compare health insurancekwatanta inshorar lafiya
private health insuranceinshorar lafiya masu zaman kansu
best term life insuranceinshorar rayuwa mafi kyau
landlord insuranceinshorar mai gida
life insurance companieskamfanonin inshorar rai
commercial insuranceinshorar kasuwanci
term liferayuwar ajali
ethos life insuranceethos life insurance
legal and general life insurancedoka da inshorar rayuwa gabaɗaya
sun life insuranceinshorar rayuwar rana
group health insuranceinshorar lafiya na rukuni
term insurance planstsare-tsaren inshora na lokaci
commercial property insurancekasuwanci dukiya inshora
biberk insuranceinshorar biberk
life insurance planstsare-tsaren inshorar rai
smart insuranceinshora mai kaifin baki
medicare advantage planstsare-tsaren fa’idar Medicare
aarp insuranceaarp inshora
home owner insuranceinshora mai gida
private healthcarekiwon lafiya masu zaman kansu
employment insuranceinshorar aiki
geico life insuranceinshorar rayuwa geico
best life insuranceinshorar rayuwa mafi kyau
homeowners insuranceinshorar masu gida
simply business insurancekawai inshorar kasuwanci
ladder life insuranceinshorar rayuwa
health insurance onlineinshorar lafiya akan layi
progressive life insuranceinshorar rayuwa mai ci gaba
best life insurance policymafi kyawun tsarin inshorar rayuwa
income insuranceinshorar shiga
state farm home insuranceinshorar gida gona na jihar
state farm homeowners insuranceinshorar gidajen gona na jihar
buy health insurance onlinesaya inshorar lafiya akan layi
comprehensive car insurancem mota inshora
medicare supplement planstsare-tsaren kari na magani
term insurancelokacin inshora
whole life insurance policytsarin inshorar rayuwa gaba ɗaya
professional indemnity insurancesana’a indemnity inshora
life insurance for seniorsinshorar rayuwa ga tsofaffi
fleet insuranceinshorar jiragen ruwa
mutual of omaha life insuranceInshorar rayuwa ta omaha
liberty mutual life insuranceinshorar rayuwa na ‘yanci
puppy insuranceinshorar kwikwiyo
whole life insuranceinshorar rayuwa gaba ɗaya
aarp medicare supplementaarp medicare kari
best life insurance companiesmafi kyawun kamfanonin inshorar rayuwa
progressive for agents onlymasu ci gaba ga wakilai kawai
professional indemnitysana’a lamuni
liability insuranceinshora abin alhaki
cheapest homeowners insuranceinshorar masu gida mafi arha
medicare supplementkari na magani
mortgage life insurancejinginar rayuwa inshora
van insurancevan inshora
short term health insuranceinshorar lafiya na ɗan gajeren lokaci
home and contents insuranceinshorar gida da abun ciki
house and contents insuranceinshorar gida da abun ciki
aarp medicare advantageaarp medicare fa’ida
geico commercial insurancegeico kasuwanci inshora
aarp health insuranceinshorar lafiya aarp
home and auto insurancegida da auto inshora
geico b2bkayi b2b
allstate life insuranceallstate life insurance
health insuranceinshorar lafiya
cargo insuranceinshorar kaya
workers compensationdiyya na ma’aikata
home contents insuranceinshora abun ciki na gida
cheap home insurancecheap gida inshora
home insurance quotesgida inshora quotes
state farm renters insuranceinshorar ma’aikatan gona ta jiha
cheap van insurancearha inshora
truck insuranceinshorar mota
family health insuranceinshorar lafiyar iyali
contents insuranceinshora abun ciki
united health care medicarekungiyar likitocin kiwon lafiya
personal health insuranceinshorar lafiyar mutum
home insuranceinshorar gida
permanent life insuranceinshorar rai na dindindin
building insuranceinshorar gini
global life insuranceinshorar rayuwa ta duniya
house insuranceinshorar gida
product liability insuranceinshora abin alhaki na samfur
trip insuranceinshorar tafiya
health care insuranceinshorar lafiya
aspca insuranceaspca inshora
property insuranceinshorar dukiya
health insurance near meinshorar lafiya kusa da ni
workers compensation insuranceinshora diyya ma’aikata
go compare van insuranceje kwatanta van inshora
building and contents insuranceinshorar gini da abun ciki
aviva for advisersaviva ga masu ba da shawara
connex medicareconnex medicare
van insurance quotesvan inshora quotes
medicare uhc commedicare uhc com
home insurance comparekwatanta inshorar gida
qantas health insuranceqantas inshorar lafiya
medicare advantageMedicare amfani
cheap health insurancearha inshorar lafiya
condo insuranceinshorar gida
workmans compma’aikata comp
liability insurance coverageabin alhaki inshora ɗaukar hoto
compare house insurancekwatanta inshorar gida
medical aid planstsare-tsaren taimakon likita
insurance housegidan inshora
house insurance quotesgida inshora quotes
affordable health insuranceinshora lafiya mai araha
uhc medicareuhc likita
medishare insurancemedishare inshora
aetna producer worldduniya furodusa
christian health insuranceinshorar lafiya na Kirista
unitedhealthcare medicareUnitedhealthcare medicare
coles car insurancecoles mota inshora
humana insuranceinshorar ɗan adam
petsbestmafi kyaun dabbobi
fidelity life insuranceamincin rayuwa inshora
event insuranceinshora taron
health insurance planstsare-tsaren inshorar lafiya
state farm insurance quotekudin inshorar gona na jihar
buy health insurancesaya inshorar lafiya
travel insurance for over 70sinshorar balaguro na sama da 70s
funeral insuranceinshorar jana’izar
geico redditgeico reddit
key man insurancekey man inshora
unitedhealthcare medicare advantageUnitedhealthcare medicare fa’ida
seven corners travel insurancekusurwoyi bakwai inshora tafiya
health insurance brokerdillalin inshorar lafiya
state farm life insuranceinshorar rayuwar gona ta jiha
aflac life insuranceaflac life insurance
go compare house insuranceje kwatanta inshorar gida
aetna medicareaetna medicare
state farm auto insuranceinshorar mota ta jihar gona
medical insurance planstsare-tsaren inshora na likita
trustage life insuranceamintaccen inshorar rayuwa
international health insuranceinshorar lafiya na duniya
travel insurance internationalinshora na balaguro na duniya
malpractice insuranceinshorar rashin aiki
pacific life insuranceinshorar rayuwa ta pacific
best health insurance policymafi kyawun tsarin inshorar lafiya
home insurance companieskamfanonin inshora na gida
d&o insuranced&o inshora
supplemental insuranceƙarin inshora
medigap planstsare-tsaren medigap
auto insurance quoteauto inshora quote
best whole life insurancemafi kyawun inshorar rayuwa duka
img insuranceimg inshora
supplemental life insuranceƙarin inshorar rayuwa
aami home insuranceaami home insurance
health insurance plans for familytsare-tsaren inshorar lafiya ga iyali
united healthcare planstsare-tsaren kiwon lafiya na United
cigna envoywakilin cigna
direct line van insurancekai tsaye layin inshora
medicare near memagani kusa da ni
best affordable health insuranceinshorar lafiya mai araha mai araha
commercial vehicle insuranceinshora abin hawa kasuwanci
uhc medicare advantageuhc medicare fa’ida
motorcycle insuranceinshorar babur
group insuranceinshora kungiyar
best home insurancemafi kyawun inshorar gida
state farm car insuranceinshorar motar gona ta jiha
aviva health insuranceaviva inshorar lafiya
aetna medicare advantageaetna medicare fa’ida
individual health insuranceinshorar lafiya na mutum
www mycoverageinfo agentwww mycoverageinfo wakili
whole lifeduk rayuwa
equitable liferayuwa mai adalci
renters insurance quotesƙididdiga masu haya inshora
state farm quotejihar gona quote
tenant insuranceinshora na haya
apartment insuranceinshorar gida
mortgage protection insuranceinshora kariyar jinginar gida
state farm auto insurance quoteJiha Farm auto inshora quote
compare the market home insurancekwatanta inshorar gida na kasuwa
self employed health insuranceinshorar lafiya mai zaman kansa
progressive motorcycle insuranceinshorar babur na ci gaba
liberty mutual commercialkasuwanci juna yanci
gio car insurancegio inshora mota
final expense insuranceinshorar kashe kuɗi na ƙarshe
cheap renters insurancearha inshora inshora
supplemental health insuranceƙarin inshorar lafiya
auto insuranceinshora na mota
automobile insuranceinshorar mota
bupa providers onlinemasu samar da bupa akan layi
insurance policymanufofin inshora
aami insuranceamin inshora
cigna medicarecigna medicare
global insuranceinshorar duniya
cigna medicare advantagecigna medicare fa’ida
humana medicarelafiyar mutane
online insuranceinshora na kan layi
united healthcare insuranceUnited kiwon lafiya inshora
allstate quoteallstate quote
allstate homeowners insuranceinshorar masu gida
boat insuranceinshora jirgin ruwa
nib insuranceba inshora
bike insurance onlineinshorar keke a kan layi
travel medical insuranceinshora likita tafiya
private insuranceinshora mai zaman kansa
cheap full coverage insurancearha cikakken ɗaukar hoto inshora
burial insuranceinshorar binnewa
cheap dental insurancecheap hakori inshora
personal liability insurancesirri alhaki inshora
compare auto insurancekwatanta inshorar mota
allstate home insuranceallstate gida inshora
renters insuranceinshorar haya
axa health insuranceaxa inshorar lafiya
disability insuranceinshora nakasa
public adjusterjama’a daidaitawa
cigna medical groupkungiyar likitocin cigna
state farm commercialkasuwancin gona na jiha
qbe car insuranceqbe inshorar mota
mobile home insuranceinshorar gida ta hannu
insurance companies near mekamfanonin inshora kusa da ni
aami car insuranceamin mota inshora
camera insuranceinshora kamara
woolworths car insuranceinshora mota woolworths
cheap auto insuranceinshora mota mai arha
motorcycle insurance quotebabur inshora quote
affordable insuranceinshora mai araha
hpso insurancehpso inshora
personal insuranceinshora na sirri
trustage insuranceinshorar amana
my cignacikon mu
health insurance policymanufofin inshorar lafiya
insurance coverageinshora inshora
csaa insurance aaa com mypolicycsaa inshora aaa com mypolicy
budget direct home insurancekasafin kudin kai tsaye inshora gida
cheap motorcycle insurancearha inshorar babur
insurance near meinshora kusa da ni
medicare planstsare-tsaren magani
wellcare insuranceinshora lafiya
medicare commedicare com
insurance quotes onlinelissafin inshora akan layi
chase sapphire travel insurancekorar sapphire tafiya inshora
personal accident insuranceinshorar haɗari na sirri
travel insurance onlineinshorar tafiya akan layi
usaa health insuranceinshora lafiya
affordable dental insurancearaha hakori inshora
group life insuranceinshorar rayuwa ta rukuni
self insuranceinshorar kai
ngs medicarengs likitanci
motorbike insuranceinshorar babur
adjustermai daidaitawa
state farm near megonar jihar kusa da ni
medical insuranceinshorar likita
cheap full coverage car insurancearha cikakken ɗaukar hoto inshora mota
geico boat insuranceinshora jirgin ruwa geico
medicare medicaidmedicare medicaid
budget direct car insurancekasafin kudin kai tsaye inshora mota
humana medicare advantage planstsare-tsaren fa’idar lafiyar ɗan adam
health insurance companieskamfanonin inshorar lafiya
cheap insurance near meinshora mai arha kusa da ni
florida blue insuranceflorida blue inshora
state farm insurance near meinshorar gona na jiha kusa da ni
best individual health insurancemafi kyawun inshorar lafiyar mutum
family insuranceinshorar iyali
usaa insurance quoteusaa insurance quote
endowment insuranceinshorar kyauta
cigna health insuranceinshorar lafiya na cigna
classic car insuranceclassic mota inshora
karz insurancekars insurance
medical insurance policytsarin inshorar likita
business interruption insurancekasuwanci katse inshora
collision coverageɗaukar hoto
cheap insurance companieskamfanonin inshora masu arha
aetna senior productsaetna manyan kayayyakin
suncorp car insurancesuncorp mota inshora
auto insurance near meinshora mota kusa da ni
geico home insurance quoteGeico Home Insurance quote
non standard insurance companieskamfanonin inshora marasa daidaituwa
kemper life insurancekemper life insurance
blue cross health insuranceblue cross kiwon lafiya inshora
caravan insurance quoteayari inshora quote
caravan insuranceayari inshora
long term disability insuranceinshora na rashin lafiya na dogon lokaci
bike insuranceinshorar keke
wellcare medicarekula da lafiya
affordable car insuranceinshora mota mai araha
blue cross blue shield insuranceblue giciye blue garkuwa inshora
allstate near meallstate kusa da ni
navi health insurancenavi inshorar lafiya
direct line home insuranceinshora gida kai tsaye
car insurance onlineinshorar mota akan layi
health insurance for senior citizensinshorar lafiya ga tsofaffi
progressive homeowners insuranceci gaban inshorar masu gida
youi car insuranceku inshora mota
indemnity insuranceindemnity inshora
humana medicare advantageamfanin lafiyar ɗan adam
temporary van insuranceinshora van wucin gadi
farmers home insurancemanoma gida inshora
travelex travel insuranceTravelex tafiya inshora
auto insurance companieskamfanonin inshora na mota
geoblue travel insuranceinshorar balaguro na geoblue
allstate commercialkasuwanci dukstate
bingle insurancebingle inshora
bingle car insuranceinshorar motar bingle
car insurance quotesmaganar inshorar mota
car insurance near meinshorar mota kusa da ni
motorhome insuranceinshorar mota
travel insurance companieskamfanonin inshora tafiya
car policytsarin mota
insurance companieskamfanonin inshora
medibank health insuranceinshorar lafiya na medibank
buy car insurance onlinesiyan inshorar mota akan layi
all risk insuranceduk inshorar haɗari
car insuranceinshorar mota
dental insuranceinshorar hakori
full coverage insurancecikakken inshora inshora
compare car insurancekwatanta inshorar mota
best travel insuranceinshorar tafiya mafi kyau
state farm locationswuraren gonakin jiha
allstate insurance near meallstate inshora kusa da ni
qantas insuranceqantas inshora
best health insurancemafi kyawun inshorar lafiya
insurance agentwakilin inshora
best insurancemafi kyawun inshora
hero insurancegwarzo inshora
cheap car insuranceinshora mota mai arha
vehicle insuranceinshorar abin hawa
business car insurancekasuwanci mota inshora
cheap car insurance quotesarha inshorar mota
aetna health insuranceinshorar lafiya aetna
youi insuranceku inshora
jewelry insuranceinshora kayan ado
usaa homeowners insuranceusaa inshorar masu gida
state farm agents near mewakilan gona na jiha kusa da ni
state farm agentwakilin gona na jiha
john hancock long term careJohn Hancock dogon kulawa
motor insuranceinshorar mota
care health insuranceinshorar kiwon lafiya
safe auto insurancelafiya auto inshora
va life insuranceda inshorar rayuwa
saga home insurancesaga gida inshora
compare insurance quoteskwatanta farashin inshora
allstate insurance quoteAllstate inshora quote
index universal life insuranceindex duniya inshora inshora
government health insuranceinshorar lafiya na gwamnati
buy travel insurancesaya inshorar tafiya
cruise travel insuranceinshorar balaguron balaguro
met life insurancesaduwa da inshorar rayuwa
trawick travel insurancetrawick tafiya inshora
cigna providersmasu samar da cigna
full coverage car insurancecikakken ɗaukar hoto inshorar mota
usaa home insuranceusaa gida inshora
property damage liabilityalhakin lalacewar dukiya
cheap insurance quotescheap inshora quotes
car insurance companieskamfanonin inshora na mota
insurance brokerdillalin inshora
usaa renters insuranceusaa renters insurance
sr22 insurancesr22 inshora
sr 22 insurancesr 22 inshora
sr 22sar 22
direct general insurancekai tsaye general inshora
car insurance policytsarin inshorar mota
scooter insuranceinshora babur
independent insurance agentswakilan inshora masu zaman kansu
southern cross health insuranceinshora kiwon lafiya na kudanci
hsbc premier travel insurancehsbc premier inshora inshora
nrma car insurancenrma inshorar mota
cheap insuranceinshora mai arha