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I May Be Yours

I MAY BE YOURS, Many times people use to handle their own children well and maltreat others’. It goes far to a point in time where they are hated because of the unique characters they portray.

Angel, a 21 year old lady  had lived with the family of Mr. Graham since she was born. She used to do whatever she wanted to do and no one maltreated her.

Angela had no other options than that of living with her parents; which she thoughts were Mr and Mrs. Graham and the two other siblings because she grew up in the house from infancy.

Their father loved all of them but Angela was on top. Because she looked very beautiful, intelligent, smart and respectful than her siblings. Their father could treat her in a different way as compared to how he could treat his own children. So one day, Mrs. Graham realized that how her husband treats Angela, it would get to a time her husband would entrust more of his properties to Angela than their own children. Therefore Mrs. Graham started maltreating Angela.

However,  Angela did not know why her mother has changed in a few times now. One day, she decided to ask her mother why she has been treated unfairly.

Upon hearing the response, Mrs. Graham told her that she was not part of her children but was rather picked up from the roadside, when they were on their way from the hospital to the house with their newborn baby and got to see her covered with white cloth and put beside the road by an unknown person. So they brought her to their house to take care of her.

Since she was told such a tragic story, the manner of life she used to exhibit changed; for the reason that she was not even a family member. She always looked quiet and sad because she did not know her background.

From then, all the tedious and undeserving works were given to her by Mr. Graham’s wife because she was not part of them, so she deserved to do the difficult part of the works.

Nothing she did pleased Mr. Graham’s wife, though she used to the right thing.

Moreover, the wife told her children Angela’s unknown background; and how their father loves her. If they don’t take care,  she would gain more profit from their father than themselves.

Therefore her siblings also hated Angela because of what their mother had told them. Angela’s life became miserable and could not know what to do. She was treated bitterly, and she used to do almost every work in the house. Due to such treatments, she hardly could eat.

She will be in the kitchen cooking whiles others are in the hall watching television. The phone and other assets she used were taken from her and was treated as house help. Meanwhile, Mr. Graham was not around because of the nature of his work.

So when Angela reached age 20, she decided to leave the house to search for her own parents because what she has been told and treated.

On her way back from an errand, out of frustration, she was knocked down by a car when she was crossing the road. Immediately, she was rushed to the hospital and after sometime, her parents were asked to come to the hospital for the emergency  accident that had happened.

So Mrs. Graham went to the hospital. When she was told what had happened to Angela, she was also in formed that Angela needs to be given blood donation immediately because she has loosed blood. Everyone in their house donated their blood but could not work on her.


Mr. Graham was told of what had happened to Angela and in a few hours, he arrived at the hospital from his workplace. Surprisingly, Mr. Graham’s blood was been transfused to Angela and it worked perfectly.

Everybody could not understand why Mr. Graham’s blood worked perfectly. Later, Mr. Graham asked the doctor why his blood worked perfectly on Angela but the other people’s blood could not work at all.

For the doctor to have a better prove to the family, he decided to conduct a test; and lol and behold, Angela was undoubtedly, a true daughter of Mr. Graham. Are you sure, Mrs Graham asked with a doubt.

In a few minutes there were arguments and misconceptions of the results that have been released.

One of the nurses who had worked in the hospital for quite a long time, came and saw Mrs. Graham.

The nurse told Mrs. Graham that when she came and delivered her beautiful baby girl here, something happened and she wanted to inform her, but she had been discharged already.

Upon telling her, she told her that when she delivered her baby, she was psychologically dead and so someone exchanged her baby with another baby; and the person ran away. But with fear, she could not send the baby home and so left her by the roadside.

Therefore the lady she thought was her child, was not her real daughter but Angela.

All of a sudden, Mrs. Graham as filled with tears because she had wickedly maltreated her own daughter while treating somebody’s daughter well.

She hugged Angela and begged her of whatever bad thing she had ever done to her. Then Mrs. Graham later asked the other lady assumed as her own daughter to leave the house search for her own parents. But Angela begged her mother, Mrs. Graham to allow the lady to stay with them again.





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