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Hushpuppi talking about poverty in his family

Hushpuppi talking about poverty in his family


In this Hushpuppi talking about poverty in his family. Comment start coming from followers.

Hushpuppi talking about poverty in his family 1

“My papa papa my papa papa na only me fit exscape from poverty” ~Hushpuppi

Firstly, My friend, there are Millions with your same excuse, thus imagine should all take to crime, where then would we find the society to live in.

So u wan escape poverty you know see legit way take do am abi? I don’t think wanted to escape poverty, u just wanted a lavish life, because mentally you are still very poor.

That doesn’t make you to take to crime by causing depression and heart attack to other people who legitimately make their money.

Secondly, “The video is so emotional, they should please let him go.”

This is not an excuse to reap people off their hard earn money and joy.

There are however, Sina Decency and the people he duped n sent to their early grave should come back alive abi some of una ehhhh need better flogging to get sense.

Thirdly, and most importantly, Sina Decency this arrest d pain women pass oo 😂. If u r s thief I’ll judge you. If you r yahoo person I’ll judge you. And if u don’t like it, just locate a working transformer n hug.

Don’t tell me who to judge or not. YoU can’t go around stealing from people and wouldn’t expect persons like me not to judge you.

Moreover, This Guy is too childish, u have ended up in denting the image of Nigerians abroad.
Common sense should tell you to lye low on social media considering ur poor background.

Instead you showcase your flamboyant and luxurious lifestyles on media with nothing to back u up.

As in what you do for a living…..
Nawaohh even the dumbest fool in the whole world should know this.

Timaya and phyno warned u in their music but u took it for granted.

U did all this cos u never suffered for the Monies.

And for those of u sympathising with him, it is right to do so. But also consider hid victims he has sent to abject poverty, the pain inflicted in them and those he has sent to early grave with his actions.

You know ur way is not legit and u couldn’t be on a low key.
Have u Guys forgotten how he braggs like a demi god?

In conclusion, the excuse is not genuine and does not attract sympathy bro. The fact that ur parent were poor does not justify you defrauding other people to make yourself rich.

Okay, do you know how many people you forced into difficulties, poverty, frustration, depression , and suicide? But they are not the reasons for your parents poverty.

Well, if only you channeled your so called “smartness ” in the right direction, you wouldn’t hv been on the wanted list tday.