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How to download service NSW App

How to download service NSW App


How to download service NSW App, Service NSW Mobile App Access government services easily and stay COVID Safe.

How to download service NSW App


Most businesses are required to keep a record of who has visited their premises.

If a visitor tests positive, NSW Health is then able to alert other visitors who may have been in contact with that person. Contact tracing is one of the most powerful tools to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

When you have the Service NSW app on your phone and use it to check in, you just scan the QR code with the phone camera, and the app’s check-in page automatically opens. The app can remember your details for an even faster check-in next time. You can also use it to check out of a venue, for more accurate contact tracing.

When you check in to a business using the Service NSW app, only the location of the business and time of visit is recorded. This information is stored for 28 days and only for the purpose of contact tracing, if necessary. It’s a secure way for your information to be stored so you can be contacted easily if required.

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How to check in

  1. Ensure you have the latest operating system on your device.
  2. Scan the QR code with your phone camera – the app’s check-in page will automatically open.
  3. Enter your contact details.
  4. Add dependants (if applicable).
  5. Select ‘Check in’.
  6. A confirmation will appear on your screen when you’ve successfully checked in.

If you do not have the ServiceNSW app, you can download it for free below.

Download on the App Store
 Get it on Google Play


COVID Safe Check-in

Check in to a participating COVID Safe business using COVID Safe Check-in.

You’ll be notified via the Service NSW app, phone or email if there’s an outbreak at the location you’ve visited.

More information

NSW Digital Driver Licence

Use the NSW Digital Driver Licence the same as the plastic card. You can show Police or prove your identity and age.

Verify licence scanner

Check any other digital driver licence to verify it’s genuine.

Simply scan another licence and cross check the name you receive with the licence itself. The scan will also indicate if the licence holder is under 18, making it easier to verify age.

How to download service NSW App

Other licences

Add more personal credentials to your app including:

  • Boat driver licence
  • Digital general construction induction card (digital white card)
  • RSA/RCG competency card
  • Recreational fishing fee
  • Working With Children Check Clearance

Registrations, fines and demerits

Manage your vehicle and vessel registrations.

Keep on top of your penalties by viewing your roads-related fines and associated demerit points.

Search any NSW vehicle plate to view general vehicle registration information.

Support information

Device operating system

It’s important to keep your device operating system updated so that you’re always using the latest version available by the device manufacturer.

Our app works best on:

  • Android version 6.x (Marshmallow) and higher
  • iOS12 and higher

Lower versions of operating systems may no longer be supported with important security patches. If you have a compatible device, consider upgrading to the latest operating system. You can usually check for updates from the device’s system settings.

Security checks

Keeping your personal information secure is as important to us as it is to you. The Service NSW mobile app has been built with your security in mind.

We use some third party services provided by Google and Android to help decide if the phone or device your information is stored on is secure.

Get more information about non standard software.

Device permissions

The Service NSW app is built with your privacy in mind.

You can choose to set up simple sign in, which will access your device’s biometric sign in hardware.

You can also allow the app to use your device camera, so that you can check in to a COVID Safe Business and use the Digital Driver Licence verifier.

You can remove these permissions at any time using your device settings.

If a future version of the app requires a new special permission to deliver some functionality, we will tell you clearly why the app needs it and ask you to allow access.

Android users

Play Store lists a record of all permissions from older versions of the app.

Special permissions in previous versions of the app were always related directly to features and functionality which existed at the time.

Permissions for the current version of the app will always be listed in the mobile app version view of the Play Store listing.


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