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How to calculate square foot

How to calculate square foot


Determine the length and width of the space you’re dealing with in feet to calculate feet squared (or sq. ft. for short). The square feet are calculated by multiplying the length by the width. Here’s a simple formula to remember: Area in square feet = length (in feet) x breadth (in feet).

How to calculate square foot

Learn how to calculate square footage so you can easily complete your next home improvement project. From flooring to paint to landscaping, knowing how to calculate square footage is the first step to getting the right amount of materials for your project. Follow along with our experts for a formula to properly size your next project. For more flooring project guides, see our playlist: https://thd.co/2TdxChB

This guide will show you how to easily and accurately measure any space to prepare for your DIY flooring or landscaping projects: https://thd.co/3kEtYrQ

Calculate square footage for your next painting or tiling project with these steps:
Tools & Materials

  • Step 1: Measure the area
  • Step 2: Apply the square footage formula
  • Step 3: Account for odd dimensions
  • Step 4: Adjust for waste

What is the definition of useful square footage?

In a commercial real estate situation, the word “usable square footage” refers to the amount of space a tenant may actually use, excluding shared facilities such as stairwells, corridors, and lobbies.

Your useable square footage in a residential real estate context is the surface area of your personal space in the home, as opposed to common areas like corridors, storage closets, and social spaces like kitchens and living rooms.

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