Home News How is life in Ghana compared to Nigeria?
How is life in Ghana compared to Nigeria?

How is life in Ghana compared to Nigeria?


How is life in Ghana compared to Nigeria?

I am 100% Ghanaian and have lived Ghana all my 20 something life. I have not been to Naija before but I will compare nonetheless:
1. Nigeria has a more beautiful, organized, structured, neat, industrial, financial and lively capital city Abuja than Accra.
2. Ghana is more peaceful. I don’t want to continue why this is so
2. Nigerians have an eye for business than Ghanaians and as such has made their country a better destination for business and investment partners
3. Ghanaians are friendlier. Foreigners have the ‘luxury’ of enjoying our public transport (trotro)
4. The address system in Nigeria is better than Ghana. Ghanaians use trees and hawkers to show directions. Thanks to Google Maps it is not really a problem anymore if you know your maps
4. Nigerian ladies are more beautiful and ‘spoilt’ than their Ghanaian counterparts. By spoilt I mean a Nigerian lady is more likely to do naughty stuffs in public than Gh ladies. In fact the word is they party harder
5. Ghana has a better and effective education system than Nigeria. About 90% of international students in Ghanaian universities are Nigerians
6. Nigeria is richer than Ghana – obviously because of mostly oil
7. Geographically Nigeria is bigger than Ghana but Ghana always has the better 11 players on the pitch.
8. Nigerians love to live in Ghana more than Ghanaians like to live in Naija.
9. Ghanaians speak better English!
10. Ghana and Nigeria do not share a border but we behave as if we do. …
11. Nigerians have a serious president in Buhari oops


I don’t suppose Ghanaians are necessarily more friendly than Nigerians. I’ve been to Aflao and Accra, and I had a nasty experience at the Aflao border, although I really did enjoy my brief stay in Accra. But I can tell you this: We Nigerians can go all out of our way to make a visitor feel at home, and we don’t cheat on the foreign gullible. When I was in Accra, some seller just indiscriminately trippled the price of his goods to sell to me simply because they realized I am a Nigerian, and they thought I had money. That doesn’t happen in Nigeria. We don’t take advantage of a foreigner.

Erroneous belief in many of Nigeria’s neighbors is that all Nigerians must have money. Every Nigerian is rich. How erroneous.

But obviously, because of the security challenges that we are presently facing, Ghana is more peaceful than Nigeria, and I agree too that they have better footballers.



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