Home News How gunmen killed 63 volunteers in Kebbi
How gunmen killed 63 volunteers in Kebbi

How gunmen killed 63 volunteers in Kebbi


The funeral of about 60 people who were killed in an ambush by gunmen on Zuru area of ​​Kebbi State in northwestern Nigeria has been held. On Sunday evening, gunmen attacked his son’s body near the Wilderness.

How gunmen killed 63 volunteers in Kebbi

The incident took place in several towns in Kebbi State near the border with Niger State after an ambush by gunmen on a volunteer raid, which was carried out by gunmen. rob her. Takita, one of the witnesses, told the BBC: “They ambushed and killed 63 people.” they passed by and his disciples followed them to rescue the captives.

“So they ambushed his sons and hid them in the trees. When the volunteers arrived, they opened fire on them and killed them. He said they confirmed the death toll after taking their bodies for burial.

“The victims were from different cities including Takita and four other cities. However, he said that although they had received information that some of the forest thieves had also been killed, they were not sure how many had been killed.

The incident happened on Sunday between 8 and 9 p.m. and they were buried around 4pm. A volunteer leader from Sanci, one of the affected towns, said 63 bodies had been counted from Dabai, Magajiyya, Takita and Rafin Zuru. The Zuru Local Government Area Volunteer Commander also said that after collecting the bodies, they went to the police station where each side went to retrieve the bodies of their relatives.

“It affected the Zuru region as a whole, it affected all parts of the country,” he said. He added that they were very involved in retrieving the bodies. Kebbi State police spokesman Nafiu Abubakar told the BBC that the gunmen were fleeing military operations in neighboring Niger State during clashes with militants.

However he said they were still gathering data to find out the exact number of people killed. Gun attacks, kidnappings for ransom and cattle rustling are rampant in northwestern Nigeria. But the latest attack is the deadliest ever for militants fighting militants in the area.

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