The problem is that Hausa language is like Arabic, not English. Meaning that Hausa has many gender pronouns, unlike English. For example, in English “How are you?” can be referred to both male and female genders but in Hausa is not like that.

How are you in Hausa?

When you want to ask a male you say: “Ya kake?”. And when you want to ask a female “Ya kike?. I hope my explanation will help.

The way that you say how are you in Hausa depends on who you are speaking to. 

If you’re speaking to a male, then say:

How are you?Kana lafiya?

If you’re speaking to a female, then say:

How are you?Kina lafiya?

Here are some informal ways to say this:

How are you doing? (to a male)Ya kake?
How are you doing? (to a female)Ya kike?
How are things?Yaya harkoki?
How are you?Ina gajiya?


1. How do you say How are you in Hausa?

  • In Hausa, you can ask “How are you?” by saying “Ina kwana?” This phrase is commonly used to inquire about someone’s well-being or to greet them in a friendly manner.

This simple greeting is a polite way to show interest in someone’s welfare and is widely used in Hausa-speaking regions.

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