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How an infographic helps with holiday planning



How an infographic helps with holiday planning

Does it tickle with you too? It’s starting to be spring. The winter snowdrops (as my friend calls snowdrops) are slowly wilting. The magnolia is about to erupt. Temperatures are slowly rising. (Again, are you listening?! Extra sunbeams please! 🔆) For many people also the time to look further. Towards the summer period, the holidays. Where are we going this year?

Maybe you’ve planned it long and wide. Don’t go on vacation at all. Or do you go several times.

Discover cool new places with mother earth in mind. That is my ideal way of traveling. Flying within Europe is not an option. Driving is not a hobby of mine and not very sustainable either. Then public transport remains. Search the internet for the most beautiful (train) journeys in Europe from the Netherlands. In the meantime, there are the necessary hours in it.

This handy overview has helped me a lot. (Spotted on Lynn Vanheule’s Eco-Reizen website and was made by Ivo Sikkema.) Where can you get by train in how many hours. Super handy and a cool infographic! 🤩

Slovenia, Croatia and France have now been added to the option list!

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