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Household items in Hausa to English



Household items in Hausa

Household items in Hausa and English. Welcome to! Here, you’ll find a diverse collection of household items, beautifully presented in both Hausa and English.

Household items in Hausa
Household items in Hausa to English 21

Explore our catalog to discover the names and descriptions of essential items you use daily in your home, bridging the language gap to make your life more convenient and informative.

Household items in Hausa and English

Whether you’re learning a new language or simply curious about how to refer to common household objects in Hausa and English, we’ve got you covered.

House items

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There are currently 3 names in this directory beginning with the letter V.

gilashin gilashi


Start your journey of linguistic and cultural discovery right here with ‘Household Items in Hausa and English.’

used house items for salekayan gida da aka yi amfani da su don siyarwa
household materials listjerin kayan gida
13 gallon handle tie trash bags13 galan rike daure buhunan shara
shopping household itemscefane kayan gida
household accessories listjerin kayan haɗi na gida
used household items for saleamfani da kayan gida don siyarwa
second hand house items for salekayan gida na hannu na biyu na siyarwa
household items everyone needskayan gida kowa na bukata
hands free towel dispenserhannuna kyauta tawul dispenser
household items for sale near mekayan gida na siyarwa kusa da ni
house holding itemskayan riqe gida
amazon online shopping household itemsAmazon online shopping kayan gida
amazon household productsAmazon gida kayayyakin
random house itemsbazuwar gida abubuwa
random household itemsbazuwar kayan gida
amazon household itemsamazon kayan gida
amazon household goodsAmazon kayan gida
12 pack toilet paper priceFakiti 12 farashin takarda bayan gida
best household productsmafi kyawun samfuran gida
household essentials shopping listlissafin siyayyar kayan masarufi
household itemskayan gida
house itemskayan gida
extra large bin bagskarin manyan jakunkuna
necessary household itemsabubuwan da ake bukata na gida
needed household itemskayan gida da ake bukata
air freshener glade sprayiska freshener glade spray
must need household itemsdole ne ya buƙaci kayan gida
extra small trash bagskarin kananan jakunkuna na shara
important household itemsmuhimman abubuwan gida
reusable household itemssake amfani da kayan gida
household stuffkayan gida
household items listjerin kayan gida
household supplies listlissafin kayan gida
household products listjerin samfuran gida
house items listjerin abubuwan gida
household articles listjerin labaran gida
list of household goodsjerin kayan gida
new household itemssabbin kayan gida
popular household itemsshahararrun kayan gida
top household itemsmanyan kayan gida
top household productsmanyan kayayyakin gida
household items to buykayan gida don siya
small household itemskananan kayan gida
target household essentialsmanufa kayan masarufi na gida
essential household itemsmuhimman abubuwan gida
household items for sale on ebaykayan gida na siyarwa akan ebay
everyday household itemskayan gida na yau da kullun
must have household itemsdole ne ya kasance yana da kayan gida
household must havesgida dole ne ya samu
basic household itemskayan gida na asali
basic house necessitieskayan masarufi na gida
new household items listsabon jerin kayan gida
top 10 useful household itemsmanyan kayan gida 10 masu amfani
everyday itemsabubuwan yau da kullun
household necessitieskayan bukatu na gida
household needs listlissafin bukatun gida
household essentials listjerin abubuwan da ake bukata na gida
used household items for sale near meamfani da kayan gida don siyarwa kusa da ni
household necessities listjerin abubuwan bukatu na gida
best household itemsmafi kyawun kayan gida
household needsbukatun gida
house necessitieskayan bukatu na gida
dollar tree household itemskayan gida na itacen dala
top selling household items on amazonmanyan sayar da kayan gida akan amazon
common household itemskayan gida na kowa
10 household articles10 kayan gida
10 household items10 kayan gida
100 household itemsKayan gida 100
acidic household cleanersacidic tsabtace gida
all household itemsduk kayan gida
aluminum in household itemsaluminum a cikin kayan gida
basic household items for new homekayan gida na asali don sabon gida
basic household items listjerin abubuwan gida na asali
basic household needsainihin bukatun gida
best glade air freshenermafi kyau glade air freshener
best selling household items on amazonmafi kyawun siyar da kayan gida akan amazon
comfort morning fresh fabric conditionerta’aziyya safiya sabo kayan kwandishan
common everyday itemsabubuwan yau da kullun na yau da kullun
common household items listjerin abubuwan gama gari na gida
common household materialsgama gari kayan gida
common household productskayayyakin gida na kowa
daily home needs productsgidan yau da kullun yana buƙatar samfurori
daily household itemskayan gida na yau da kullun
daily use home itemsamfanin gida kullum
daily use household itemsamfanin gida kullum
dollar general household itemsdala na yau da kullun na kayan gida
domestic items listjerin abubuwan gida
ebay household itemsebay kayan gida
everyday items in your homeabubuwan yau da kullun a cikin gidan ku
everyday items listjerin abubuwan yau da kullun
everyday items we useabubuwan yau da kullun da muke amfani da su
example of household itemsmisali na kayan gida
example of household materialsmisali na kayan gida
fairy household soap tescosabulun gidan aljana tesco
fairy laundry liquid tescoaljana wanki ruwa tesco
family dollar household itemsdalar iyali kayan gida
general household itemskayan gida na yau da kullun
good householdgida mai kyau
house hold articlesabubuwan rike gidan
house hold materialkayan rike gidan
house holding items listjerin abubuwan rike gidan
household articleskayan gida
household basicskayan yau da kullun na gida
household essential itemskayan gida masu mahimmanci
household furnishings listjerin kayan gida
household hardware items listlissafin kayan aikin gida
household items shopping listjerin siyayyar kayan gida
household items that are 1 literkayan gida wanda ya kai lita 1
household items that are 12 incheskayan gida masu girman inci 12
household materials examplekayan gida misali
household materials usefulkayan gida masu amfani
household stapleskayan abinci na gida
household staples listjerin abubuwan abinci na gida
household stuff listlissafin kayan gida
lidl 24 toilet rollslidl 24 rolls toilet
list household articlesjera abubuwan gida
list of essential household itemsjerin muhimman abubuwan gida
misc household itemsmisc kayan gida
miscellaneous household itemskayan gida iri-iri
monthly household items listjerin kayan gida na wata-wata
most common everyday itemsabubuwan yau da kullun na yau da kullun
most common household itemsmafi yawan kayan gida
most important household itemsmafi mahimmancin kayan gida
most needed household itemskayan gida da aka fi bukata
most sold household items on amazonmafi sayar da kayan gida a Amazon
most toxic items in your homemafi yawan abubuwa masu guba a cikin gidan ku
most used household itemsmafi yawan amfani da kayan gida
most useful household items 2020mafi amfani kayan gida 2020
ordinary household itemskayan gida na yau da kullun
shopee household itemskantin kayan gida
simple household itemssauki kayan gida
surf excel detergent powder expiry datesurf excel detergent foda ranar karewa
target household itemsmanufa kayan gida
toxic items in your homeabubuwa masu guba a cikin gidan ku
uncommon household itemsabubuwan da ba a saba gani ba
unique household productsna musamman na gida kayayyakin
useful household materialskayan gida masu amfani