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His Highness, Shatta Bandle

His Highness, Shatta Bandle


I remember when I was very young attending “aggrey road primary school in tema comm 2” this was my favourite footwear “moses”.

His Highness, Shatta Bandle 1

What buffles me most is how he was able to climb and sit on that chair. I guess the servant standing beside him performed.

I look around the set  And one of the audience said “I’ll not “high” a king whose legs doesn’t touch the ground. Meanwhile Shatta Bundle, he’s not wearing a Facemask.

After that another person also prayed for his family and friends to protect them from this covid pandemic.

As his legs are far from the ground so will coronavirus be far from my family and friends.

The seat in which he is sitting on, if you know the meaning you will understand.

That sandals is too ordinary for a young rich man like Shatta Bandle, He’s defy all odds.

Therefore When I get to nigeria I will analyze to what I saw in Ghana.

No wonder the one who puts him there is still close to him. On social media everyone atall is anyhow anywhere Rich…,famous,celebrity.

Dear Ghanians please what shatta bandle do for a living a Nigerian asking.

thw young rich man as his popularly know shatta bundle make his way into the Ghanaian entertainment with the use of social media.

his entertainment style is here to stay and both Ghana, Nigerian and some other African countries are enjoying his creativity even more now.