Home News Her name is Hauw’u Musa
Her name is Hauw’u Musa

Her name is Hauw’u Musa


Her name is Hauw’u Musa

It was on Monday evening around 4 to 5pm, she left home to attend her sister naming ceremony.

Her name is Hauw'u Musa

Fortunately she reached the sister residence but as soon as she got there, she received a phone call which picked but couldn’t hear clearly. She opted to move out of the compound in order to listen to the call well.

As she moved out, that’s where the story begins. She didn’t go back to the compound on time as expected.

Her phone was switch off since that faithful day up to this time of writing this.

We’re in traumatic situation. Please help us disseminate this.

Pls keep sharing, Ya Allah protect her wherever she is, make her return safely, ya Hayyu Ya qayyum

If seen or found, below are numbers to be contacted:


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