Home News have received a copy of our manifesto for the December 2020 elections
have received a copy of our manifesto for the December 2020 elections

have received a copy of our manifesto for the December 2020 elections


“Happy Republic Day!

Have Received A Copy Of Our Manifesto For The December 2020 Elections 1

I have received a copy of our manifesto for the December 2020 elections from the Manifesto Working Committee. This document, The People’s Manifesto, will represent the NDC and my social contract with the good people of Ghana.

I thank you all for your contributions to the compilation, and as I have promised, I look forward to the Policy Dialogue Series through which I will be sharing details of the various sectors and themes of the Manifesto.”

These are the words of the NDC flag bearer.

In this So the party writes manifestos for our presidential candidates? You’re going to force him to say what the party want. Why not let him write his own manifesto, so that he can be honest to Ghanaians what he can and want to do for us. We have a long way to go.

Firstly, “Glory to God! Kudos to all the brains who worked on this important document. We hope Ghanaians will give you and the NDC another opportunity to serve them better. Happy Republic Day!”

Secondly, A big thanks to all the brains who works all day and night to put together this life changing manifesto. We are all looking forward in playing our individuals roles to bring our beloved party back to power again to continue from where we left of.Victory on to victory the NDC shall lead.

There are however, Another milestone towards victory in December. But please your Excellency, it won’t be easy. People working for us too must be closely monitored.

Thirdly, That, the people’s manifesto, as if u care for the people. The best you could do for Ghanians when u were given the opportunity was to send us to IMF ending up putting embargo on employment, withdrawal of teachers n nurses allawa, four years of dumsor, air bus chop chop.. aka GO1 n you want to tell us you care for us?. Mba John, we don’t have short memory as u last said.

Moreover, Congratulations to the manifesto working committee.
I hope this manifesto will resonate well with the people of Ghana to canvas more votes comes December 7th,2020 for John Mahama.

In conclusion, This is a simple team that is working collectively for the betterment of our nation. Not a few group of people who claimed to be the most important people in Ghana. YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT OF THE PEOPLE. Time has come for you to continue where you stopped. Stand strong and tall JM


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